Bluetooth MCQ [PDF] Questions and answers for competitive exam

Bluetooth MCQ. Computer Wireless technology related objective MCQ questions and answers PDF for all competitive exams and interview.

Bluetooth MCQ

1. Who was the founder of Bluetooth?

a) Ericson     

b) Martin Cooper     

c) Steve jobs

d) Apple

Ans. a

2. Bluetooth permits ______.

(a) pairing by acceptance

(b) pairing by password authentication

(c) pairing by verification

(d) all of them

Ans. d

3. Bluetooth is a ____ technology that connects devices (called gadgets) in a small area.

a) wired LAN

b) wireless LAN


d) none of these

Ans. b

4. In Bluetooth, multiple ____ form a network called a _____

a) scatternet; piconets

b) piconets: scatternet

c) Piconets: bluenet

d) bluenet; scatternet

Ans. b

5. In a piconet, there can be up to _____ parked nodes in the network.

a) 63

b) 127

c) 255

d) 511

Ans. c

6. Bluetooth is the wireless technology for ______

a) local area network

b) personal area network

c) metropolitan area network

d) wide area network

Ans. b

7. Bluetooth uses _____

a) frequency hopping spread spectrum

b) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

c) time division multiplexing

d) channel division multiplexing

Ans. a

8. What is A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile)?

a) abluetooth profile for streaming audio

b) abluetooth profile for streaming video

c) abluetooth profile for security

d) abluetooth profile for file management

Ans. a

10. In a piconet, one master device _____

a) can not be slave

b) can be slave in another piconet

c) can be slave in the same piconet

d) can be master in another piconet

Ans. b

Bluetooth Questions and Answers

11. Bluetooth transceiver devices operate in ___ band.

a) 2.4 GHz ISM

b) 2.5 GHz ISM

c) 2.6 GHz ISM

d) 2.7 GHz ISM

Ans. a

12. Bluetooth supports ______

a) point-to-point connections

b) point-to-multipoint connection

c) Both A and B

d) multiple point to point connection

Ans. c

13. A scatternet can have maximum _____

a) 10 piconets          

b) 20 piconets          

c) 30 piconets          

d) 40 piconets

Ans. a

14. Bluetooth is named after a(n) ______ king.

a) German    

b) Swiss        

c) Danish      

d) English

Ans. c

15. What is one of the feature that make Bluetooth difference from other wireless technologies?

a) long-distance wireless capabilities

b) inability to transfer voice and data between battery-operated mobile devices

c) high bandwidth wireless capabilities

d) low power consumption

Ans. d

16. Which of the following is NOT a device that is likely to use Bluetooth technology?

a) High-speed router          

b) PDA          

c) toy                          

d) cell phone

Ans. a

17. Which of the following is difficult to transmit using Bluetooth?

a) voice         

b) music        

c) large images        

d) printing commands

Ans. c

18. A(n) ______ card is used to upgrade a printer so it is Bluetooth-enabled

a) ID   

b) adapter     

c) Bluetooth cable   

d) port

Ans. b

19. Which of the following is NOT true connecting Bluetooth technology and digital cameras?

a) Concord EyeQ is an example of a digital camera with Bluetooth capabilities.

b) it works well for all sizes of image files-large and small

c) it allows wireless transfer between camera and cell phone

d) It is great for mobile professionals such as real estate agents and appraisers.

Ans. b

20. Bluetooth allows a station to define a quality of

a) Time level

b) Service level

c) Data level

d) Segment level

Ans. b

Bluetooth Questions

21. Bluetooth has used a sophisticated version of

a) CSK

b) FSK



Ans. b

22. Bluetooth network consists of one primary device and up to

a) 5 Devices

b) 7 Devices

c) 9 Devices

d) 11 Devices

Ans. b

23. Peripheral devices can communicate through a small network, known as

a) Wireless network

b) Bluetooth network

c) Adhoc Network

d) Piconet Network

Ans. b

24. ACL stands for

a) Asynchronous Connectionless link

b) Asynchronous Connection Link

c) Asynchoronous Connected link

d) Asynchronous Communiation Link

Ans. a

25. The addressing mechanism of the Bluetooth can include up to

a) 2 Addresses        

b) 4 Addresses        

c) 6 Addresses         

d) 8 Addresses

Ans. b

26. Each channel in Bluetooth layer is of

a) 1 MHz

b) 2 MHz

c) 3 MHz

d) 4 MHz

Ans. a

27. The technology which permits data transmission between devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets, headsets, etc. is called  _____ .

(a) bluetooth

(b) coaxial cable

(c) fibre optic cable

(d) twisted pair cable

Ans. a

28. A wireless technology built in electronic gadgets used for exchanging data over short distances is ?           

a) Bluetooth 

b) Wifi            

c) Modem      

d) USB

Ans. a

29. At a time Bluetooth can connect upto _____ devices.

a) 2    

b) 8    

c) 4     

d) 6

Ans. b

30. The network established using Bluetooth technology is called a ________ .

(a) Local Area Network (LAN)                   

(b) Wide Area Network (WAN)

(c) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)      

(d) Personal Area Network (PAN)

Ans. d

Bluetooth MCQ Questions and answers

31. Bluetooth signals have a range of _____.

(a) 1m            

(b) 5m            

(c) 10m          

(d) 100m

Ans. c

32. Unauthorised access of information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection is called _____

a) bluemaking          

b) bluesnarfing

c) bluestring              

d) bluescoping

Ans. b

33. Bluetooth devices communicate at ____ bandwidths.

a) fixed          

b) high

c) low

d) static

Ans. c

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