Computer Software MCQ [PDF] Important Questions and Answers

Computer software MCQ. Computer application related best objective multiple choice Questions and answers for competitive exams with pdf.

Computer Software MCQ

1. Computer servers are used in applications.

(a) online reservation of tickets

(b) e-commerce

(c) tracking of consignments

(d) all of them

Ans. d

2. Your operating system will detect and install the appropriate device drivers for this type of device:

a) Plug and play

b) Plug and go

c) Plug and continue

d) Plug and commence

Ans. a

3. The component which makes a computer to work through commands is called _____.

(a) software              

(b) hardware

(c) malware              

(d) junkware

Ans. a

4. Software ______.

(a) consumes power through hardware

(b) is inferred through the working of hardware

(c) controls the hardware

(d) all of them

Ans. d

5. The component of computer which is not physically accessible, but can be realized through its working is called _______.

(a) hardware                        

(b) software

(c) RAM                     

(d) port

Ans. b

6. ______ helps to hardware to produce output based on given input.

(a) Game port           

(b) software

(c) IEEE 1392          

(d) SMPS

Ans. b

7. Operating system identifies and controls hardware in coordination with _____.

(a) power cable        

(b) mouse

(c) SMPS                  

(d) BIOS

Ans. d

8. _______ schedules processor time in such a way as to allow the user to feel that may programs are running at the same time.

(a) application software

(b) operating system

(c) virus

(d) malware

Ans. b

9. ______ schedules processor time and handles concurrency and parallel processing using multiple processor cores.

(a) application software

(b) virus

(c) malware

(d) operating system

Ans. d

10. ______ allots memory for each program and frees memory when it is no longer needed for a program.

(a) application software

(b) virus

(c) malware

(d) operating system

Ans. d

11. The core of the operating system which controls all hardware and application software, but does not directly interact with the users is called _____ .

(a) kernel      

(b) shell

(c) sap           

(d) None

Ans. a

12. A layer of application software available for the user to interact with operating system kernel is called ______ .

(a) kernel      

(b) shell

(c) sap           

(d) heart

Ans. b

13. After inserting the Windows installation media (like CD, DVD or pen drive), ________ message is displayed.

(a) Press any key to boot from CD/ DVD …

(b) Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

(c) Press left button of mouse

(d) Press centre button of mouse

Ans. a

14. When Windows loads during installation, _____ are to be chosen first.

(a) keyboard layout

(b) language selection for installation

(c) both a & b

(d) neither a nor b

Ans. c

15. When the menu for managing hard disk partitions is displayed, _______ options help to create, delete and format partitions.

(a) New         

(b) Delete      

(c) Format     

(d) all of them

Ans. d

16. After choosing a suitable partition for installation of Windows, _______ .

(a) delete that partition       

(b) select that partition and press Next button

(c) press Ctrl+Alt+Delete    

(d) Switch off power supply

Ans. b

17. Durign installation of Windows, the computer ______  after copying files, installing features.

(a) reboots

(b) keeps on processing

(c) keeps on beeping

(d) plays music

Ans. a

18. During installation of Windows, user names and passwords are entered ______  the operating system gets fully ready.

(a) before

(b) after

(c) only after

(d) subsequent to

Ans. a

19. After completing installation of Windows,  _______ are to be installed for making the computer safe and productive.

(a) anti-virus

(b) Office package

(c) Adobe Reader and other application software packages

(d) all of them

Ans. d

20. Emulator is a program that

a) Permits one computer to execute the machine language instructions of another computer of a different make

b) Which is not broken down into smaller units

c) Permits one computer to execute the machine language instructions of another computer same make.

d) None of these

Ans. a

21. Disk operating system is referred for

a) DOS

b) Operating system which contains the disk-oriented commands and uses disk devices for permanent storage

c) Both A and B

d) Heetson

Ans. c

22. A term means that the application software is priced separately from the computer hardware is called

a) Unbundled

b) Bundled

c) Utility

d) None of these

Ans. a

23. Set of programs which consist of full set of documentation is termed as

a) database packages        

b) file packages

c) bus packages                  

d) software packages

Ans. d

24. Program which is used to control system is classified as

a) experimental program

b) system program

c) specialized program

d) Special program

Ans. b

25. Load address for the first word of the program is called

a) Linker address origin

b) Load address origin

c) Phase library

d) Absolute library

Ans. b

26. A display listing of program options which users can select, is called

a) Icons

b) Options

c) Selection

d) Menu

Ans. d

27. An inventory management program can assist with the

a) Distribution of inventory

b) Purchasing of inventory

c) Planning of inventory

d) All of these

Ans. d

28. Which of the following software can’t be categorized application software?

a) DBM


c) Spreadsheet

d) Word processing

Ans. b

29. What is the name of the software system which combines many independent functions into one package?

a) Knowledge based system         

b) Multi adjustment

c) Integrated system                       

d) Expert system

Ans. c

30. What is the name given to the ability of a word processing that fit whole words on any line?

a) Word wrap           

b) Clip art

c) Reformatting        

d) Micro spacing

Ans. a

31. Some software packages attempt to encode the knowledge and decision rules of human specialist in order to use them for making their own decisions. By what name are such packages known?

a) Artificial intelligence package              

b) Expert system

c) Expert system shell                                

d) knowledge based

Ans. b

32. Which of the following statements is true about application software?

a) Computer graphics software is used to draw lines and boxes in spreadsheets

b) Database software allows you to maintain and manipulate data

c) Spreadsheet application software is often compared to the secretary’s notepad

d) All word processing software package contain spelling checkers

Ans. b

33. Which is the most important software ergonomics consideration?

a) Response times

b) Error messages and help functions

c) Command language

d) Display layout

Ans. b

34. Types of software programs are

a) Application program

b) Replicate programs

c) Logical programs

d) Both A and B

Ans. d

35. Specialized program that allows the user to utilize in specific application is classified as

a) relative program

b) application programs

c) relative programs

d) replicate programs

Ans. b

36. Example of system programs includes

a) operating system of computer

b) trace program

c) compiler

d) all of these

Ans. d

37. Program which is readily available for computer users as a part of software package is classified as

a) library program

b) program library

c) software library

d) directory library

Ans. a

38. Process to exit from computer by giving correct instructions such as ‘EXIT’ is classified as

a) log in                     

b) process out

c) process in            

d) log out

Ans. d

39. Set of software authorized to a specific users is considered as

a) Software library               

b) Program library

c) directory library                

d) library package

Ans. b

40. Function of running and loading programs by use of peripherals is function of

a) operating system

b) inquiry system

c) dump programs

d) function system

Ans. a

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