Computer Technology MCQ [PDF] Latest Questions and Answers

Computer Technology MCQ. Latest fundamental of information technology, computer science and current trends related basic to advanced question answer. Objective MCQ Questions and answers with pdf important multiple choice MCQs for all competitive exams like Gate, SSC, RAILWAY, BANK, UPSC, IBPS, CHSL, MP Police etc.

Computer Technology MCQ

1. What is the average power (in watts) used by a 20 to 25 inch home color television…?

a) 70-100

b) 25-50

c) 500-800

d) Over 1000

Ans. a

2. “FET” is a type of transistor or ____ Effect Transistor.

a) Field

b) Factor

c) Flash

d) Force

Ans. a

3. Voltage is sometimes referred to as EMF, which means Electromotive ___

a) Field

b) Factor

c) Flash

d) Force

Ans. d

4. A given signal’s second harmonic is twice the given signal’s ____ frequency.

a) fourier

b) Foundation

c) Fundamental

d) Field

Ans. c

5. The frequency range which is called High Frequency band is?

a) 100 kHz

b) 1 GHz

c) 30 to 300 MHz

d) 3 to 30 MHz

Ans. d

6. Once the active medium is excited, by which physical process is the first photons of light are produced?

a) Blackbody radiation       

b) Spontaneous emission

c) Synchrotron radiation    

d) Planck’s oscillation

Ans. b

7. Which process is responsible for amplification of the light after the first photons of light are produced?

a) Blackbody radiation       

b) Stimulated emission

c) Planck’s radiation                       

d) Einstein oscillation

Ans. b

8. The active medium used in the first working laser ever constructed was?

a) A diamond block

b) Helium-neon gas

c) A ruby rod

d) Carbon dioxide gas

Ans. c

9. What are three types of lasers?

a) Gas, metal vapor, rock

b) Pointer, diode, CD

c) Diode, inverted, pointer

d) Gas, solid state, diode

Ans. d

10. What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend?

a) Instant messaging

b) E-mail

c) Usenet

d) A mailing list

Ans. a

11. What is full form of SOAP?

a) Simple object access procedure

b) Small object access protocol

c) Simple object access protocol

d) Small object access procedure

Ans. c

12. What is full form of PHP?

a) Hypertext preprocessor

b) Processor hypertext program

c) Pre Processor hypertext

d) Pre hypertext processor

Ans. a

13. What is full form of BMP –

a) Byte map process

b) Bit map

c) Bit map process

d) Byte map

Ans. b

14. In terms of network what is meaning of SAP?

a) Service at point                  

b) Service access permission

c) Service access point           

d) Smart access point

Ans. c

15. What term describes explanatory text attached to a cell?

a) Dialog

b) Comment

c) Context

d) Callout

Ans. b

16. One way to convert from decimal to hexadecimal is the –

a) Binary dabble method

b) Octal dabble method

c) Hex dabble method

d) Double dabble method

Ans. c

17. A stack in a digital computer is a part of the –

a) Memory unit

b) ALU

c) Monitor

d) Control unit

Ans. a

18. What is full form of PDF?

a) Public document format

b) Portable document format

c) Printed document format

d) Published document format

Ans. b

19. What is full form of ISDN?

a) Integrated services digital network

b) Integrated services digital network

c) Integrated server digital network

d) Intel services digital network

Ans. a

20. Which among following are used for printing big charts drawing, maps and 3 dimensional illustrations specially for architectural and designing purpose?

a) Plotters

b) Speakers

c) Mouse

d) Printers

Ans. a

21. Laser printer is a type of –

a) Impact printer       

b) Non-impact printer

c) Both of above         

d) None of above

Ans. b

22. ADC stands for –

a) AC to DC converter

b) All data content

c) Analog to digital converter

d) All digital content

Ans. c

23. The operation is specified by a binary code known as the –

a) Command code

b) Source code

c) Operand code

d) Opcode

Ans. d

24. Resolution of printer is measured in –

a) Hertz

b) Inches

c) DPI

d) Megabits

Ans. c

25. Which consists if a numbers of processors can be accessed among various shared memory modules?

a) Distributed memory multiprocessor

b) Shared memory multiprocessor

c) Coupled memory multiprocessor

d) None of the above

Ans. b

26. Tiny droplets of coloured ink and nozzle is associated with –

a) Inkjet printer

b) Daisy wheel printer

c) Dot matrix

d) Laser printer

Ans. a

27. In current presentation which shortcut key insert a new slide?

A) Ctrl + i

b) Ctrl + m

c) Ctrl + n

d) Ctrl + v

Ans. b

28. Mouse, trackball and joystick are the example of –

a) multimedia devices                       

b) scanning devices

c) storing devices                   

d) Pointing devices

Ans. d

29. Modem is used mostly for –

a) Connecting to internet

b) A modern empty memory module

c) Mostly for file system

d) None of above

Ans. a

30. Which of the following software is interacts with the hardware?

a) System software

b) Utility program

c) Application software

d) Interpreter

Ans. a

31. Output devices are commonly referred as-

a) Receivers

b) Hosts

c) Terminals

d) Dumbs

Ans. c

32. MICR stands for –

a) Magnetic ink character recognition

b) Magnetic initiate character recognition

c) Magneteic internal character recognition

d) Magnetic ink character reward

Ans. a

33. SMP stands for –

a) Symmetric multiprocessor

b) Simple multiprocessor

c) Spherical multiprocessor

d) System multiprocessor

Ans. a

34. Which is responsible for performing modulation/demodulation?

a) Coaxial cable         

b) Fibre

c) Modem                  

d) Router

Ans. c

35. Range of colors depends on –

a) Number of instructions associated with each pixel

b) Number of code associated with each pixel

c) Number of bits associated with each pixel

d) Number of bits code lines with each pixel

Ans. c

36. What is full form of VDU?

a) Visual Display unit

b) Visible Display unit

c) Visual diode unit

d) None of these

Ans. a

37. Which code is a string of binary digits?

a) Operand code

b) Parity code

c) Instruction code

d) Op code

Ans. c

38. What is full form of LCD?

a) Liquid code display

b) Liquid crystal display

c) Liquid catalogue display

d) Liquid crytal data

Ans. b

39. CRC stands for –

a) Cyclic redundancy check

b) Clock redundancy check

c) Clocking redundancy check

d) Cyclic redundancy clock

Ans. a

40. Which of these are internal parts of computer?

a) Cooling fan

b) Expansion slots

c) Network card

d) All of the above

Ans. d

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