Floppy Disk MCQ [PDF] Computer Memory Important Question

Floppy disk MCQ. Questions and answers multiple choice for computer related competitive exams with pdf. Floppy disk is also called diskette.

Floppy Disk MCQ

1. The basic principle of floppy disks involve

a) magnetic data reading

b) magnetic data recording

c) magnetic data recording and reading

d) None of these

Ans. c

2. Specification for a floppy drive is

a) TPI

b) CPI

c) DPI

d) FPI

Ans. a

3. The magnetic recording technique used for storing data onto the disks (floppy disks) is called

a) return to zero

b) non-return to zero

c) return to zero and Non-return to zero

d) none of the mentioned

Ans. b

4. In which one of the following year, floppy disk was patented?

a) 1905

b) 1977

c) 1967

d) 1932

Ans. c

5. The Double Density Double sided disks on each side are organized with

a) 20 tracks               

b) 30 tracks

c) 40 tracks               

d) 50 tracks

Ans. c

6. Floppy disks drives were originally designed by

a) IBM                        

b) Sony         

c) Panasonic                       

d) Compaq

Ans. b

7. Which of the following is not a valid capacity of a floppy disk

a) 8 inch                   

b) 21/4 inch

c) 7/2 inch                

d) 11/2 inch

Ans. d

8. Which of the following is not a valid capacity of a floppy disk?

a) 360 KB                 

b) 720 KB

c) 1.24 MB                

d) 1.44 MB

Ans. c

9. All sectors on a floppy disk are bigger than tracks there

a) Always

b) Only boot sector

c) Only sectors on the periphery

d) Never

Ans. d

10. Full form of DHSD ( used for floppy disks ) is

a) Double sided head drive

b) Double Sided High Density

c) Double standard High density

d) Double Score High Density

Ans. b

11. In floppy disk, the small hole that enables the drive to identify the beginning of a track and its first sector is

a) inner hole

b) key hole

c) index hole

d) None of these

Ans. c

12. inside its jacket, the floppy media is rotated at the speed of

a) 200 RPM

b) 300 RPM

c) 150 RPM

d) 50 RPM

Ans. b

13. The floppy disk was invented by

a) Sir Gideon Sundback

b) Sir Alan Shugart

c) Sir Mathew Maury

d) Sir Robert Bunsen

Ans. b

14. Which of the following is not a valid size of a Floppy Disk?

a) 8”

b) 3.5”

c) 5.5”

d) 5.25”

Ans. c

15. Which of the following helps to protect floppy disks from data getting accidentally erased?

a) Access notch      

b) Write-protect notch

c) Entry notch          

d) Input

Ans. b

16. Floppy disks are organized as

a) Heads & folders              

b) Files

c) Tracks & Sectors             

d) None of these

Ans. c

17. Formatted capacity of floppy disk ( 3.5 inch )

a) 2 MB                     

b) 1.1 MB

c) 1.44 MB                

d) 1.44 KB

Ans. c

18. The floppy disk are

a) cheaper                

b) portable

c) least weight         

d) All of these

Ans. d

19. Floppy disks drives were first introduced by which of the following computer manufacturers

a) IBM

b) Sony

c) Compaq

d) Samsung

Ans. a

20. A floppy is divided into tracks and sectors, each sector can hold  _____ bytes of information.

a) 512

b) 256

c) 128

d) 1024

Ans. a

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