ITI Health Sanitary Inspector Question Paper in English

ITI health sanitary inspector question paper in English. All these MCQs asked in year 2019 CTS exam. These are the most important questions for ITI theory exams and competitive exams preparation.

1. Antisyphon pipe is provided for ____

a) Protective water seal

b) Breaking water seal

c) Ventilator purpose

d) None of these

Ans. a

2. Which is not a part of greenhouse effect?

a) Water Vapour

b) Carbon dioxide

c) Methane

d) Sulphur dioxide

Ans. d

3. The major contributor of carbon monoxide is

a) Motor vehicle

b) Industrial processes

c) Sanitary Fad combustion

d) None of these

Ans. a

4. Minimum recommended diameter of sewer is

a) 5 cm

b) 10 cm

c) 15 cm

d) 20 cm

Ans. b

5. The government pays how much money for building new toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission [NCVT 2019]

a) Rs. 12000

b) Rs. 24000

c) Rs. 18000

d) Rs. 15000

Ans. a

6. The end products of bio gas plant are [NCVT 2019]

a) Methane gas                  

b) Sludge

c) None of these                

d) Both A and B

Ans. d

7. Which of the following is not sewer appartance? [NCVT 2019]

a) Man hole                          

b) Flushing tank

c) Lamp hole     

d) Gulley trap

Ans. d

8. Cremation is a process of [NCVT 2019]

a) Treating crops with chemical

b) Decomposing the body by burry

c) Reducing dead body to ashes by burning

d) None of these

Ans. c

9. Larvicides are used against [NCVT 2019]

a) Eggs of insect

b) Ovaries of insect

c) Larvae of insect  

d) none of these

Ans. c

10. The non-clog pump which permits solid matter to pass out with the liquid sewage is [NCVT 2019]

a) Centrifugal pump

b) Reciprocating pump

c) Pneumatic pump             

d) None of these

Ans. a

11. Notification of fairs and festivals should include _____

a) The area of fairs & festivals

b) The duration of fairs and festivals

c) Both A and B

d) None of these

Ans. c

12. The ratio of sweeper in fairs and festivals should be [NCVT 2019]

a) 1:500        

b) 1:1000       

c) 1:100                             

d) 1:200

Ans. b

13. A function of carbohydrates in the diet is to _____ [NCVT 2019]

a) Enable chemical reactions

b) Promote growth and repair tissues

c) Supply energy

d) Maintain water balance

Ans. c

14. Good source of protein in the diet are ____ [NCVT 2019]

a) Fats, Oils, butter and margarine

b) Green paper cantaloupe, Citrus fruits

c) Vegetables

d) Meat, Fish, Legumes, nuts, dairy products and eggs

Ans. d

15. The common adulterant in sugar is _____ [NCVT 2019]

a) Chalk powder                 

b) Boric powder

c) Face powder                   

d) None of these

Ans. a

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