MS Outlook MCQ [PDF] Competitive Exam Questions and Answers

MS Outlook MCQ. Microsoft outlook related Basic to Technical MCQ Questions and answers for competitive exams and interview with pdf.

MS Outlook MCQ

1.  Which operating system does ms outlook support

a) Android

b) IOS

c)  Microsoft

d) Symbian

Ans. c

2. Outlook has many tools that can do many thing. Which one of the following tasks is Outlook NOT designed to do?

a) send out a newsletter                

b) balance your checkbox

c) arrange an online meeting       

d) keep track of your contacts

Ans. b

3. The CEO of your company just sent mail to all 10,000 of your fellow employees. You want to reply to her and say, “Thanks!”. Which button should you click?

a) Reply                                

b) Reply all

c) Reply with meeting        

d) Forward

Ans. a

4. Which tool would you use to view the calendars of your entire team at the same time?

a) Daily task list                               

b) Share calendar

c) Scheduling assistant                 

d) Open calendar

Ans. c

5. There are 10 people on your team and you write them frequently. What is the easiest way to write all 10 teammates without having to type their names into each email message?

a) create a Category for your team           

b) create a Group for your team

c) create a Rule for your team                  

d) None of these

Ans. b

6. What does the Clean-up button do?

a) It removes inappropriate language from your email

b) it hides all unnecessary formatting from your email

c) it removes redundant email from conversations or folders

d) All of these

Ans. c

7. Your manager just sent you a detailed list of deliverables that she wants you to review and then discuss in person. What is the most efficient way to do this?

a) reply to the email and then create a new appointment and copy in the deliverables

b) click the reply with meeting button

c) click the reply with IM button

d) right click the mail and click follow UP

Ans. b

8. We can show tasks by many different data periods – how do we change the work week for employees that work from Tuesday to Saturday?

a) In calendar view use the arrange dialogue launcher button and choose the days we want

b) In week view drag the working days into the work week bar

c) In week calendar view, right click the days needed and choose ‘set as work day’

d) Don’t Know

Ans. a

9. You need to arrange a meeting for all employees in a particular department – do you

a) Call up the members contact detains in the address book, and send them an email with the date and time of the meeting?

b) Click the send and receive button, in the group email section click on the group, then choose meeting

c) Right click the calendar and choose new meeting request, then complete the form and choose send

d) Don’t know

Ans. c

10. You want to set up a button to automatically send an email you’ve received on to your manager, rather than have to manually choose their name every time. Would you

a) Click the forward button on the home tab then from the file tab choose save as button

b) Click the home tab and choose to manger from quick steps

c) Click the send/receive tab and choose forward to address book member

d) Don’t know

Ans. b

11. What’s an effective and efficient way to send the same email message to a group of people?

a) Create a distribution list

b) Use the Bcc field

c) Send the message over and over

d) List every person’s email address in The “To” field

Ans. a

12. If Outlook shows only one day’s schedule in the calendar, how can you make it show several days?

a) Click one of the toolbar buttons preset for longer times

b) Drag to increase the column size for the area that shows the day

c) Make more room in the Calendar window by closing the Outlook Bar

d) None of these

Ans. a

13. The fastest way to place an email into a folder you have created is…..

a) Right click the email message and choose ‘Move to folder.’,then click on the folder and click OK

b) click and drag the message into the folder

c) Go to the Edit menu and choose “Move to folder..”

d) None of these

Ans. b

14. We can request a receipt to show an email has been read by

a) Right clicking the send button and choosing send with receipt

b) Click the send/receive tab, and click the receipted mail button

c) Click the options tab from the message window and choose request receipt

d) Don’t know

Ans. c

15. We can set the reading pane under the email list by –

a) From the view tab click the reading pane button and choose bottom

b) From the home tab click tools, choose options and click the reading pane button for below list

c) Click the file tab, and choose PowerPoint preferences then click the button for pane under text

d) None of these

Ans. a

16. On the task list, to arrange tasks in date order, then in alphabetical order we

a) Click at the top of the date column, then on the top of the subject column

b) Use the file menu, and choose the date arrange command

c) Use the view tab and use the view settings button

d) None of these

Ans. c

17. What are categories?

a) ways to assign a colour code and name to an item to help find that item later and group it with other similar items

b) Different types of data, like appointments, to do tasks, email messages etc

c) A quick classification system for contacts, for example into business and personal

d) None of these

Ans. a

18.Your boss sent you an important account code by mail two months ago. Unfortunately, you haven’t been sorting or deleting your mail and there are currently over 41,000 mails in your inbox. You need that account code now. What is the quickest way to find it?

a) Look through the “Important mail from my boss” folder

b) Sort by “From” and then look at all other mail from your boss

c) Search on key words related to the account code and your boss’s name

d) Sort by date and then look through mail from two months ago

Ans. c

19. To mark all contents of a folder as read, you would

a) Click the Folder tab, and choose mark all as read from the clean up group

b) Press Ctrl + Alt + R

c) Click the filter email button and choose Mark all

d) None of these

Ans. a

20. There are three Outlook commands you personally use or toggle all day long: Work Offline, High Priority, and Center Text. How can you keep these three commands visible at all times?

a) color code the three command buttons

b) add the three commands to Favorites

c) add the three commands to the Quick Access toolbar

d) None of these

Ans. c

21. You have 48 different folders for various projects but you only use three on a regular basis. How can you keep those folders visible and easily accessible?

a) color code the three folders

b) add the three folders to your favorites

c) name the three folders with CAPITOL letters

d) None of these

Ans. b

22. What is the extension of MS Outlook mail file?

a) PST                       

b) DOC                      

c) EXE                       

d) Mail

Ans. a

23. PST Stands for______ .

a) Personal Storage Table          

b) Private storage table

c) Personal storage type             

d) Private storage type

Ans. a

24. How many color categories does Outlook provide

a) Six                         

b) New Items button                       

c) double click         

d) File as

Ans. a

25) Mention what is the short cut used to undelete a message in an Outlook?

a) Ctrl + X                 

b) Ctrl + Z                  

c) Ctrl + C                 

d) Ctrl + D

Ans. b

26) Mention what is the shortcut in MS Outlook 2013 to switch on to the next message?

a) Ctrl + Period (.)                

b) Ctrl + >                  

c) Ctrl + Tab                          

d) Ctrl + N

Ans. a

27. To send a business letter to a group of contacts you should

a) In the contact view, click mail merge from the actions group

b) In the contact view, select the contacts to send the letter to, then right click and choose ‘except to word’

c) Start Microsoft Excel, and choose Merge Contacts from the mailing tab

d) Don’t know

Ans. a

28. What is the easiest way to find out when a person has read an email from you?

a) Ask the person to reply back to your email

b) Check the read receipt box when sending the email

c) Call the recipient to ask if he/she got the email

d) Wait to see if you get a response

Ans. b

29. How can we ensure that a particular meeting on the calendar is only visible to you?

a) Right click the appointment and choose hide from the menu

b) Double click the appointment and choose private from the tags group

c) Double click the appointment and type p at the end of the start time

d) None of these

Ans. b

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