MS Paint MCQ Questions and Answers PDF

MS paint MCQ questions and answers pdf. Objective type Multiple Choice Question answer for Class 1, 2, 3 and Other Computer related competitive Exams. MS Paint is an Application software part of Microsoft Office Package. 

MS Paint MCQ Questions and Answers PDF

1. Which of the following software replace the MS Paint in Windows 10

a) Paint 3D     

b) New MS Paint        

c) Paint 3D     

d) Universal Paint

Ans. c

2. What is the Default Background color in MS Paint?

a) Yellow        

b) Aqua           

c) Blue                        

d) White

Ans. d

3. What is the Default  Foreground color in MS Paint ?

a) white          

b) black          

c) red              

d) yellow

Ans. b

4. Magnifier, Eraser, Fill color tools are available in MS Paint ?

a) Toolbox      

b)  Menu bar              

c) color box    

d) status bar

Ans. a

5. Which key is used to draw straight line in MS Paint ?

a) Ctrl             

b) shift            

c) Alt               

d) window

Ans. b

6. Which tool is used to spray colors in MS paint ?

a) Fill color     

b) Airbrush     

c) brush          

d) Calibri brush

Ans. b

7. MS Paint file saved as _______.

a) .doc            

b) .xml            

c) .bmp           

d) .html

Ans. c

8. Which tool is used to draw a circle in MS paint?

a) Ellipse        

b) draw           

c) Curve          

d) Oval

Ans. d

9. Which tool is used to write name in MS Paint ?

a) Text tool                 

b) Line tool                 

c) Pencil tool              

d) Brush tool

Ans. a

10. Which of the following tool is not available in the Ribbon Bar?

a) Clipboard               

b) Image         

c) Tool            

d) View

Ans. d

11. What we called the area where we can draw shapes and pictures ?

a) print area               

b) Drawing area         

c) color area              

d) empty area

Ans. b

12. Which of the following extension we can save  MS Paint file

a) .png            

b) .bmp           

c) .jpg             

d) All of these

Ans. d

13. Which tool is used for  Zoom a part of Drawing in MS Paint ?

a) Magnifier   

b) select         

c) text             

d) view

Ans. a

14. Which bar is used for moving the page up and down in MS Paint?

a) Vertical Scroll bar  

b) Status bar   

c) Horizontal Scroll Bar          

d) Title bar

Ans. a

15. MS Paint application is available in which of the following operating system ?

a) Linux          

b) Windows    

c) DOS            


Ans. b

16. Which tool is used to give color to the shapes ?

a) Fill Color    

b) Spray Paint             

c) Eraser         

d) Text

Ans. a

17. Which tool is used to draw free-form line with the selected line width?

a) Pencil         

b) text             

c) line             

d) curve

Ans. a

18. What cannot be drawn with the use of line tool?

a) circle          

b) square        

c) rectangle    

d) diamond

Ans. a

19. In MS Paint which tool is used to make your drawing colorful?

a) Toolbox      

b) Menu Box              

c) Color Box               

d) Shapes

Ans. c

20. In MS Paint which bar contains option- select, crop, resize and rotate ?

a) image         

b) tool             

c) shape          

d) color

Ans. a

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