MS Windows MCQ [PDF] Competitive OS Questions and Answers

MS windows MCQ. Microsoft window operating system questions and answers objective multiple choice MCQs with pdf for competitive exams.

MS Windows MCQ

1. Which one is an example for OS?

A Antivirus               

B Windows               

C MS Office             

D Macromedia

Ans. b

2. Which one is the default ‘word Processor’ for Microsoft Windows?

a) MS Word              

b) MS Paint              

c) Word Pad             

d) Notepad

Ans. c

3. Where does the minimized application reside in windows?

A Task bar

B My computer

C My Document

D Recent documents

Ans. a

4. Which operating system doesn’t support networking between computers?

a) Windows 3.1       

b) Windows 95        

c) Windows 2000    

d) Windows NT

Ans. a

5. Which is the order of files and directories in Windows Explore?

A Serially

B Sequentially

C hierarchically

D Aplhabtically

Ans. c

6. How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows XP machine?

a) 8                

b) 9                

c) 10              

d) Unlimited

Ans. c

7. Which of the following windows do not have start button

a) Windows Vista    

b) Windows 7           

c) Windows 8           

d) Windows 95

Ans. c

8. Which of the following Operating systems is better for implementing a Client Server network

a) MS DOS               

b) Windows 95        

c) Windows  98        

d) Windows 2000

Ans. d

9. Which one is the latest release of Windows Client Operating system?

a) Windows XP       

b) Windows 7           

c) Windows 8           

d) Windows 10

Ans. d

10. What steps should be taken, if windows not updated automatically?

A start – control panel – settings – add programs – enable automatic update

B start – setting – control panel – system – enable automatic updated

C re- install windows OS

D restart windows

Ans. b

11. Which of the following is not application software?

a) Windows NT        

b) Page Maker

Ans. a

12. Which of the following operating system does not implement the multitasking truly?

a) Window 98          


Ans. b

13. Which of the following windows version support 64 bit processor?

a) window 98                       

b) window XP

Ans. b

14. Word Processors that is the part of Windows operating system

a) Adobe Photoshop          

b) Word pad             

Ans. b

15. Where can you find the most recent files you worked on in Windows?

a) Under start/Document               

b) Under Open Word Document

c) Start/Find/Files or folders          

d) There is no way to find them by themselves

Ans. a

16. Total number of function keys in computer keyboard?

a) 6                

b) 102            

c) 12              

d) 4

Ans. c

17. Which key combination is used to close a open application in Window machine?

a) Ctrl + X     

b) Ctrl + C     

c) Ctrl + E      

d) Alt + F4

Ans. d

18. Which key combination is used to permanently delete a file or folder?

a) Ctrl + D     

b) Ctrl + Del              

c) Alt + Del    

d) Shift + Del

Ans. d

19. Which web browser is provided default with a windows machine?

a) Chrome    

b) Mozila       

c) Netscape              

d) IE ( Internet Explorer)

Ans. d

20. Which company bought the popular video teleconferencing software ‘Skype’?

a) WhatsApp            

b) Facebook             

c) Google                  

d) Microsoft

Ans. d

21.An operating system version designed for use with a media center PC is Microsoft Window XP

Ans. Media center edition

22.Which mode loads minimal set of drivers when starting Windows?

Ans. Safe Mode

23. Which key combination is used to minimize all open windows and displays in the screen?

Ans. Windows key + D

24. Which function key needs to be press during reboot to enter in Safe Mode of a Windows machine?

Ans. F8

25.To make a window wider, you would move the pointer until it changes to the Horizontal Resize shape and then _____.

Ans. Drag

26. Which one  is used for making presentation file from Microsoft Office package?

Ans. MS PowerPoint

27.The window which shows icons for things like the mouse, sound, and display is_____.

Ans. Control Panel

28. To see Help for Windows itself you could_____

Ans. Open the start menu or screen and search for Help or Press F1 key

29. Which is used for making presentation file from Microsoft Office package?

Ans. MS PowerPoint

30.My computer was introduced from____

Ans. Windows 95

31. Which of these folders in Windows is used by browsers to cache web pages

Ans. Temporary Internet Files

32. What is the name of Virtual Assistant included in MS Windows 10

Ans. Cortana

33. What would you type in Run window to open ‘MS Word’

Ans. Winword.exe

34. Shortcut key to permanent delete the file without sending it to the recycle bin.

Ans. Shift + Del

35. What will be the shortcut key in windows to perform cut operation?

Ans. Ctrl + X

36. Zip files are

Ans. Compressed files

37. Which of the following is the files directly used by operating system?

Ans. .ini

38. In Windows operating system it is a very important part of Windows, clicking on it opens up what is called the start menu

Ans. Start Button

39. In Windows operating system the _____ is the main screen area that one sees after he turn on a computer and log on to Windows.

Ans. Desktop

40. In Windows operating system these are small pictures that represent files, folders, programs, and other items. Each one is used to make the computer do something.

Ans. Icons

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