SSC CHSL Computer Questions PDF [200 MCQ] English + Hindi

SSC CHSL computer questions pdf. Previous Year Most Important MCQ with answers objective type Question for tier 1 Exam paper Preparation. These MCQs asked in old exams.

SSC CHSL Computer Questions PDF

1. Which of the following statements about firewall (in the context of computing) is INCORRECT?

a) It is unable to permit legitimate communication to pass

b) It is frequently used to protect a computer network from unauthorized access.

c) It is a combination of both, software and hardware devices.

d) It is permits network transmission based on a set of rules.

Ans. A

2. Which of the following is an example of a database manager?

a) Organizer

b) Paradox

c) Quattro Pro

d) Coral Draw

Ans. a

3. The _____ service allows a group of Internet users to exchange their views on some common Topic.

a) Nicnet

b) Milnet

c) Telnet

d) Usenet

Ans. d

4. A laser beam is always

a) a convergent beam

b) a divergent beam

c) a parallel beam

d) divergent to start with and parallel later on

Ans. c

5. Which company developed the first graphical user interface?

a) Microsoft

b) AT &T

c) IBM

d) Xerox

Ans. d

6. An identification field for a record is

a) Main field      

b) Flex field

c) Key field         

d) Cell

Ans. c

7. Both the ALU and Control Section have special purpose storage location called :

a) Address                         

b) Registers

c) Accumulators               

d) Bus

Ans. b

8. An address consists of ______.

a) an offset

b) a base register

c) an index register

d) All of the above

Ans. d

9. The Indian National Grid Computing Initiative for Scientific Engineering and Academic Community is named

a) Ganga


c) Garuda


Ans. c

10. Double is a _____ data type.

a) Primitive        

b) user defined                

c) system defined           

d) local

Ans. b

11. _____ is the amount of work that the system is able to do per unit time.

a) Turnaround        

b) Output      

c) Transfer rate                

d) Throughput

Ans. d

12. Telnet stands for [09-11-2014]

a) Telephone Network                 

b) Television Network

c) Teletype Network                     

d) Telefax Network

Ans. c

13. Who has developed the Automatically Programmable Tool (APT)?

1. Douglas T Ross

2. Ralph H Baer

3. Gary Kildall

4. Jonathan Fletcher

Ans. a

14. All forms of ROM are also known as _____.

a) Middleware

b) Firmware

c) Shareware

d) Freeware

Ans. b

15. The simplest CPU –scheduling algorithm is _____. [15-11-2015]

a) Round –robin scheduling algorithm

b) Multilevel scheduling algorithm

c) FCFS Scheduling algorithm

d) SJF Scheduling algorithm

Ans. c

16. In Operating system, Round Robin Scheduling means:

a) A kind of scheduling

b) A process allocation policy

c) A memory allocation policy

d) Repetition policy

Ans. a

17. Which of the following command deletes the data in the entire table and makes the delete permanent in the database?

a) Truncate

b) Rollback

c) Commit

d) Delete

Ans. a

18. Breaking logical memory into blocks of the same size called as

a) Frames           

b) Packets

c) Pages              

d) Segments

Ans. c

19. The Process of arranging data in logical sequence is called

a) Sorting

b) Reproducing

c) Summarizing

d) Classifying

Ans. a

20. In Microsoft Word, ____________ setting allows us to align the text at a particular point, or to create a tabular layout.

1) Indentation
2) Bullets
3) Numbering
4) Tabs

Correct Answer: Tabs

21. In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ is used to apply colors to the characters.

1) Font style
2) Font color
3) Effects
4) Size

Correct Answer: Font color

22. To delete columns or rows we can use the delete option under the ______________ in Microsoft Word.

1) Menu
2) Standard toolbar
3) Table Menu
4) Drawing toolbar

Correct Answer: Table Menu

23. MS-Excel is an integral component of ____________.

1) MS-Office
2) MS-Word
3) Gnome Office
4) Koffice

Correct Answer: MS-Office

24. In Microsoft Word, ____________ can be used to decide on the spacing between lines of a paragraph.

1) Alignment
2) Effects
3) Indentation
4) Line spacing

Correct Answer: Line spacing

25. In Microsoft Word, ____________ view enables us to view our document as it would appear in a web browser such as the Internet Explorer.

1) Web Layout                       

2) Normal Layout       

3) Reading Layout     

4) Print Layout

Correct Answer: Web Layout

26. In Microsoft Word, _______ provides tools for formatting like bold, italic, underline etc.

1) Standard tool bar
2) Menu bar
3) Formatting tool bar
4) Status bar

Correct Answer: Formatting tool bar

27. The ___________ has emerged as a convenient means of global communication, information sharing and services.

1) e-books
2) Internet
3) Satellites
4) Public telephone booths

Correct Answer: Internet

28.  Computer networks constituting the internet are connected by telephones, underwater cables and ___

1) e-mail
2) e-books
3) Public telephone booths
4) Satellites

Correct Answer: Satellites

29. Computers and communication technologies affect our lives in ways that include: __________, in the way we learn and shape the course of our learning according to our own interests.

1) Societal

2) Technological

3) Educational

4) Personal

Correct Answer: Educational

30. Who among the following invented the computer language, COBOL?

1. Brendan Eich
2. John McCarthy
3. Grace Murray Hopper
4. Guido van Rossum

Correct Answer: Grace Murray Hopper

31. In the context of IT services, what is the full form of BCP?

1. Business Confirmation Plan

2. Business Confirmation Protocol

3. Business Continuity Plan

4. Business Continuity Protocol

Correct Answer: Business Continuity Plan

32. Which one of the following allows the user to store, organize, calculate and manipulate the available data in a tabular format?

1. Microsoft Word          

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

3. Notepad                        

4. Microsoft Excel

Ans. d

33. Which of the following computers are used in hospitals to measure the heartbeat of patients?

1. Mainframe computers

2. Hybrid computers

3. Analog computers

4. Digital computers

Correct answer : Hybrid computers

34. Who among the following is called the ‘father of supercomputing’?

1. Vint Cerf

2. Alan Perlis

3. Ken Thompson

4. Seymour Cray

Correct answer: Seymour Cray

35. Which of the following is a supercomputer developed by India?

1. Venngage

2. Onshape

3. Param Yuva 2

4. Pixir

Correct answer: Param Yuva 2

36. In the context of a word document, the term gutter stands for ______.

1. the space between two paragraphs

2. the blank page inserted in between two filled pages

3. the space left on the left side for rough work

4. the space left on one side for stitching and binding

Correct Answer: the space left on one side for stitching and binding

37. The headquarters of computer technology giant, Intel is in ____________.

1. Frankfurt

2. Tokyo

3. London

4. California

Ans. d

38. In the context of the Internet, what is the full form of MAN?

1. Massive Area Network

2. Makeshift Area Network

3. Master Area Network

4. Metropolitan Area Network

Correct answer: Metropolitan Area Network

39. The first barcode system was developed by:

1. Norman Joseph Woodland    

2. John Barger  

3. David Bradley               

4. John Mc Carthy

Ans. a

40. Trackball is which of the following devices?

1. Barcode reader           

2. Touchpad      

3. Output device             

4. Input device

Ans. d

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