Basic Computer Questions and Answers PDF [100 Important MCQ]

Basic computer questions and answers pdf. Most Important MCQ for competitive exams like SSC, CHSL, Police etc. These Question asked in many previous years exam papers.

Basic Computer Questions and Answers PDF

Basic computer questions and answers pdf
Basic Computer Questions and answers PDF

1. C is what kind of language?

a) An assembly language

b) A third generation high level language

c) A machine language

d) Future language

Ans. b

2. Identify the device through which data and instructions are entered into a computer?

a) Software

b) Output device

c) Input device

d) None of these

Ans. c

3. Computer Monitor is also known as :

a) DVU

b) UVD

c) VDU


Ans. c

4. Arrange in ascending order the units of memory TB, KB , GB, MB

a) TB > MB > GB > KB

b) MB > GB > TB > KB

c) TB > GB > MB > KB

d) GB > MB > KB > TB

Ans. c

5. Which one of these stores more data than a DVD?

a) CD Rom

b) Floppy

c) Blue Ray Disk

d) Red Ray Disk

Ans. c

6. The output shown on the computer monitor is called

a) VDU

b) Hard Copy

c) Soft Copy

d) Screen Copy

Ans. c

7. 8 Bits make up 1 _____

a) Byte           

b) Megabyte             

c) Kilobyte                

d) None

Ans. a

8. Which one is the result of the output given by a computer?

a) Data                      

b) Instruction

c) Information          

d) Excursion

Ans. c

9. What is kind of CD-ROM?

a) Optical disk

b) Magnetic disk

c) Magneto Optical disk

d) None of these

Ans. b

10. Which is known as the most powerful type of computer?

a) Super computer

b) Iframes

c) Mega Frames

d) Super Access

Ans. a

11. Which is NOT a function of a microprocessor?

a) Controls the rest of the computer’s components

b) keeps the system unit cool

c) Interprets instructions given by software

d) Processing data

Ans. b

12. In Power Point, the Header & Footer button can be found on the insert tab in what group?

a) Illustrations group

b) Object group

c) Text group

d) Tables group

Ans. c

13. Which of the following is not a type of primary storage?

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) Static RAM

d) All are primary storage devices

Ans. d

14. www stands for?

a) World whole web

b) wide world web

c) web world wide

d) world wide web

Ans. d

15. Which of the following are components of central processing unit (CPU)?

a) Arithmetic Logic unit, Mouse

b) Arithmetic Logic unit, Control unit

c) Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated circuits

d) Control unit, Heetson

Ans. b

16. What is the name of a device that converts digital signals to analog signals?

a) Router      

b) Switch      

c) Modem      

d) None of these

Ans. c

17. Where is RAM located?

a) Expansion Board

b) External Drive

c) Mother Board

d) All of these

Ans. c

18. Charles Babbage designed the first mechanical computer named

a) Analytical Engine

b) Processor

c) Comp Engine

d) Abacus

Ans. a

19. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as ?

a) web server

b) Application server

c) Database server

d) FTP server

Ans. c

20. Full form of URL is ?

a) Uniform Resource Locator

b) Uniform Resource Link

c) Uniform Registered Link

d) Unified Resource Link

Ans. a

21. An Assembler is used to translate a program written in ?

a) Low-Level language

b) Machine Language

c) Assembly Language

d) High Level Language

Ans. c

22. Technology used to provide internet by transmitting data over wires of telephone network is?

a) Transmitter           

b) Diodes

c) RAM           

d) DSL

Ans. d

23. Which level language is Assembly Language?

a) High-level programming language

b) Medium level programming language

c) Low-level programming language

d) machine language

Ans. c

24. Documents, Movies, images and photographs etc are stored at a ?

a) Application server          

b) Web server

c) Print server                      

d) File server

Ans. d,

25. Which of the following is used in RAM?

a) Conductor

n) Semi Conductor

c) Vaccum Tubes

d) Transistor

Ans. b

26. What  is the full form of GUI in terms of computers?

a) Graphical user instrument

b) Graphical unified interface

c) Graphical unified instrument

d) Graphical user interface

Ans. d

27. What is the full form of ALU?

a) Arithmetic Logic unit

b) Allowed logic unit

c) Asciiheetson

d) Arithmetic least unit

Ans. a

28. Who was the father of internet?

a) Charles Babbage

b) Vint Cerf

c) Denis Riche

d) Martin Cooper

Ans. b

29. Verification is process of ?

a) Access

b) Login

c) Logout

d) Authentication

Ans. d

30. What is LINUX?

a) Malware

b) Operating system

c) Application program

d) Firmware

Ans. b

31. Which among following is an image name extension?

a) .gif             

b) .docx

c) ppt             

d) lib

Ans. a

32. Which is most common language used in web designing?

a) C                

b) C++

c) PHP          


Ans. d

33. Who is also known as father of computer?

a) Charles Babbage

b) Vint Cerf

c) Denis Riche

d) Martin Cooper

Ans. a

34. Which among the following is commonly used language in Android applications?

a) C

b) php

c) C ++

d) Java

Ans. d

35. What is the full form of HTTP?

a) Hyper Transfer Text Protocol

b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

c) Hexagonal Text Transfer Protocol

d) Hexagonal Text Transfer Prototype

Ans. b

36. Which among the following is odd?


b) Floppy Disks

c) SD Disk


Ans. d

37. Which operations are performed by RAM?

a) Read

b) Write

c) Read and write

d) Depends on computer

Ans. c

38. Who is known as father of Artificial Intelligence?

a) John McCarthy

b) Vint Cerf

c) Dennis Ritchie

d) james Gosling

Ans. a

39. USB is which type of storage device?

a) primary     

b) Secondary

c) Tertiary      

d) None of these

Ans. c

40. Which program is run by BIOS to check hardware components are working properly while computer is turned on?

a) DMOS       


c) CMOS       

d) RIP

Ans. b

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