CD MCQ [Compact Disk related Questions and Answers]

CD MCQ. Compact disc important Question and answers for Computer related Competitive exams.


1. Which technology is used in Compact Disks?

a) Electro Magnetic

b) Laser

c) Mechanical

d) Electrical

Ans. b

2. What is CD means?

a) Compact disk      

b) Common disk

c) Cassette disk

d) Compact drive

Ans. a

3. CDs can hold up to _____of data or 80 minutes of audio.

a) 500 MB

b) 700 MB

c) 1 GB

d) 1024 KB

Ans. b

4. CD was co-developed by_____ and released in 1982.

a) Sony

b) Philips

c) Samsung

d) Both A and B

Ans. d

5. Standard CDs have a diameter of _______and can hold up to about 1 hour and 20 minutes of uncompressed audio.

a) 120 millimeters (4.7 in)

b) 150 mm

c) 180 mm

d) 200 mm

Ans. a

6. Who is known as CD Inventor?

a) James Russell

b) John Sympson

c) Michal Tomson

d) Charles Deggi

Ans. a

7. CD is a ______ storage device?

a) Primary

b) Secondary

c) Teritory

d) None of these

Ans. b

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