Computer Awareness MCQ [PDF] Questions for Competitive exams

Computer Awareness MCQ. Most important Questions and answers for Competitive exams with PDF. Helpful for RBI Assistant, RRB Clerk, Bank PO, EPFO, IDBI executive, UPSC, SBI, IBPS, NABARD, SSC CGL, CHSL, MP Police, Federal Bank etc. These Questions asked in previous years Question papers.

Computer Awareness MCQ

1. Which Microsoft-based technology was built to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web?

[A] Active Channel

[B] Active Desktop

[C] ActiveX

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: C [ActiveX]

2. Which among the following is the most common source of Viruses to the hard disk of your computer?

[A] Incoming Email

[B] Outgoing Email


[D] Websites

Ans. a

3. Symantec is the maker of which among the following popular antivirus software?

[A] Norton

[B] BitDefender

[C] Avast

[D] McAfee VirusScan

Ans. a

4. Which of the following lies within the CPU?

[A] Primary Memory

[B] Secondary Memory

Secondary Memory

[C] Mouse

[D] Keyboard

Ans. a

5. “Internet escrow ” is a term most commonly related to which of the following?

[A] E-commerce         

[B] Software Development

[C] Privacy Security    

[D] Database Management

Ans. a

6. In the Windows XP, what does XP stands for?

[A] Extra-Powerful

[B] Experience

[C] Extended Platform

[D] Experience Platform

Ans. b

7. V-RAM is used for access of the following?

[A] Video & Graphics

[B] Text & Images

[C] programs

[D] None of the above

Ans. a

8. The word bandwidth is also used to mean ________?

[A] width of the data cable

[B] amount of data transferred

[C] number of the computers on a particular network

[D] none of the above

Ans. b

9. Which among the following is correct about 4GL?

[A] A computer brand

[B] A software brand

[C] A software program

[D] A programming language

Ans. d

10. As a person working in internet banking environment, why you should be aware of the “Dictionary attack”?

[A] It is used to inject worms or viruses in the system

[B] It is used to determine a password

[C] It is used to access customer’s account by determining other details

[D] It is used for stealing info from the Credit Card

Ans. b

11. Which of the following is not the basic capability of a computer?

[A] Speed

[B] Accuracy

[C] Prediction

[D] Processing

Ans. c

12. Which of the following is not an input device of the computer?

[A] Trackball

[B] Image Scanner

[C] Joystick

[D] Sound Card

Ans. d

13. Which of the following is a single integrated circuit on which a CPUs are typically constructed?

[A] Microprocessor

[B] Memory

[C] Motherboard

[D] Hard Disk

Ans. a

14. What kind of data is processed by an analog computer?

[A] Discrete Data

[B] Intermittent Data

[C] Discretely varying Data

[D] Continuously varying Data

Ans. d

15. In which of the following applications are analog computers used?

[A] Measurement of Electric Current

[B] Measurement of Frequency

[C] Measurement of Resistance of a Capacitor

[D] All of the above

Ans. d

16. Where are the instructions which are used to run a digital computer stored?

[A] Motherboard

[B] Hard Disk

[C] Memory

[D] All of the above

Ans. c

17. What are four basic functional elements of a digital computer?

[A] Input-Output Equipment  

[B] Main Memory

[C] Control Unit and ALU       

[D] All of the above

Ans. d

18. A device which is not connected to the CPU is known as which of the following?

[A] Land-line device

[B] On-line device

[C] Off-line device

[D] Device

Ans. c

19. What is the full form of UPS?

[A] Unplugged Power Supply

[B] Uninterruptible Power System

[C] Unknown Power Source

[D] Uninterrupted Power Source

Ans. b

20. Monitors, printers, disk drives, keyboard, mouse are included in which of the following categories?

[A] Storage Device

[B] Hardware

[C] Software

[D] All of the Above

Ans. b

21. What is the use of the wheel located between the two standard buttons on a mouse ?

[A] Click on web pages

[B] To click and select items

[C] Shutdown

[D] To scroll

Ans. d

22. Which type of failure occurs because of input device that does not read data correctly ?

[A] input error

[B] output error

[C] read error

[D] write error

Ans. c

23. Document reader and a light pen are classical examples of Which of the following?

[A] Reading devices

[B] Light devices

[C] Input devices

[D] Digital devices

Ans. c

24. Which of the following consist of the computer main memory?

[A] Hard drive and RAM

[B] CD-ROM and hard drive

[C] RAM and ROM

[D] CMOS and hard drive

Ans. c

25. Which of the following is the ability of a system to jump directly to the requested data?

[A] Sequential Access

[B] Random Access

[C] Quick Access

[D] All of the Above

Ans. b

26. The smallest unit in which data can be stored is known by which of the following names?

[A] Bit

[B] Byte

[C] Kilobyte

[D] Megabyte

Ans. a

27. Which of the following is the name given to the number of concentric circles on a diskette?

[A] Sectors

[B] Cylinders

[C] Tracks

[D] Clusters

Ans. c

28. What is the meaning of SMART commands in a system maintainence?

[A] Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology Commands

[B] Software Management Analysis Reporting Technology Commands

[C] Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Technology Commands

[D] None of the Above

Ans. a

29. Which of the following acts specifically exempts computer-maintenance activities, so copies of copyright files may be made in the course of maintenance provided that they are destroyed afterwards?

[A] The infringement act

[B] The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

[C] Intellectual Property Rights Act

[D] All of the Above

Ans. b

30. The copies of data or program files are always stored as a safety. Which of the following is the name given to these copies?

[A] Backups    

[B] Programs  

[C] Extras       

[D] Stores

Ans. a

31. What is the full form of UDF ?

[A] Universal data frequency             

[B] Unique disk format

[C] Universal disk format                   

[D] Undated disk format

Ans. c

32. Which of the following is the another name given to the LCD display?




[D] All of the Above

Ans. b

33. Which of the following are the hardware components of the computer system?

[A] Graphic Card


[C] Keyboard

[D] All of the Above

Ans. d

34. Which of the following are the software analysis and design tools?

[A] Data Flow Diagrams

[B] ER Diagrams

[C] HIPO Diagrams

[D] All of the Above

Ans. d

35. Which of the following graphs tell us the correct and appropriate way to determine the deadlock situation occurrence?

[A] Starvation Graph

[B] Resource Allocation Graph

[C] Inversion Graph

[D] All of the Above

Ans. b

36. Which of the following is the Vector Graphics Editor?

[A] Sunbird


[C] Adobe Photoshop

[D] Corel Draw

Ans. d

37. What is the name given to any software that is included with a new computer, hardware, or other software program?

[A] Bundled Software

[B] Pre-installed Software

[C] Both a and b

[D] Free Software

Ans. c

38. Who among the following invented the FORTRAN language?

[A] J.W.Backus

[B] Steff Warner

[C] Von Neuman

[D] All of the Above

Ans. a

39. Which of the following are the objects in Microsoft Access?

[A] Tables

[B] Queries

[C] Reports

[D] All of the Above

Ans. d

40. What does ARPANET stand for?

[A] Automated Research Projects Agency Network

[B] American Research Projects Agency Network

[C] Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

[D] American Research Projects Automatic Network

Ans. c

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