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Computer Ports Questions and Answers

1. The standard  used in serial ports to facilitate communication is

a) RS-246                 

b) RS-Port                

c) RS-232-C             

d) RST 3

Ans. c

2. Transformation between the parallel and serial ports is done with the help of

a) Flip flops              

b) logic circuits                    

c) Shift registers      

d) peripherals

Ans. c

3. Components used to increase the flexibility of the serial ports is

a) wire used for port is changed

b) ports are made to allow different clock signals for input and output

c) the drives are modified

d) connects the new cables

Ans. b

4. Physical ports are usually referred to as _______

a) jacks                      

b) cables       

c) interfaces             

d) hardware plugs

Ans. c

Explanation: Physical ports are connections that connect two systems for their interaction. LAN, PS2 and DVI are example of physical ports.

5. _______ are logical numbers assigned for logical connections.

a) Logical ports        

b) Physical ports     

c) Networking cables          

d) IP address

Ans. a

Explanation: Logical ports are end-point to a logical connection. The numbers are pre-assigned by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) which ranges from 0-65536.

6. Number of logical ports ranges from ___ to _____

a) 0, 255        

b) 1, 65535

c) 1, 65536   

d) 0, 65536

Ans. d

7. Virtual ports help software in sharing without interference all hardware resources.

a) True          

b) False

Ans. a

8. _____ needs some control for data flow on each and every logical port.

a) Antivirus   

b) Network firewall  

c) Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)      

d) Anti-malware

Ans. b

9. The logical port is associated with the type of protocol used along with the IP address of the host.

a) True          

b) False

Ans. a

10. Which of the following is the port number of FTP data?

a) 20  

b) 21  

c) 22  

d) 23

Ans. a

11. RS-232 is a standard that applies to:

a) serial ports           

b) parallel ports        

c) small ports            

d) networks

Ans. a

12. There are ____ major types of ports in computers.

a) 1    

b) 2    

c) 3     

d) 4

Ans. b

13. PS2 and USB are example of _______ ports.

a) Physical   

b) Logical      

c) Both A and B       

d) None of these

Ans. a

14. Logical ports are also known as ______

a) numbers ports     

b) virtual numbering                       

c) virtual ports          

d) networking protocol ports

Ans. c

15. On the PC side, the printer port is a:

a) 25 pin female serial connector

b) 15 pin female parallel connector

c) 25 pin male serial connector    

d) 25 pin female parallel connector

Ans. d

16. Which company developed PS/2 Ports

a) IBM            

b) Intel           

c) Airtel          

d) Microsoft

Ans. a

17. PS/2 port is also called ______

a) DVN plug

b) DIN plug

c) input plug

d) round plug

Ans. b

18. How many pins in PS/2 ports

a) 2    

b) 4    

c) 6     

d) 8

Ans. c

19. Green color PS/2 Port is used to connect

a) Mouse

b) Keyboard

c) Printer

d) Monitor

Ans. a

20. Purple color PS/2 Port is used to connect

a) Mouse      

b) Keyboard             

c) Printer       

d) Monitor

Ans. b

21. USB stands for_____

a) Universal serial bus       

b) Universal system bus

c) Universal special bus    

d) Universal small bus

Ans. a

22. VGA stands for _______

a) Video game adapter                   

b) Video Graphics Array

c) Video Graphics Adapter            

d) Visual Graphics Array

Ans. b

23. A Video Graphics Array connector is a  _____ row and _____ pin

a) 3, 15          

b) 2, 25          

c) 1, 10          

d) 6, 12

Ans. a

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