IT and ITES MCQ [PDF] 240 Questions for Competitive Exams

IT and ITES MCQ. IT & ITeS Question answer pdf. Information technology Important Questions and answers for All Computer related Competitive Exams (PMKVY, Class 9, 10th, 12th, SSC, CHSL, NSQF Level 4, ITI, COPA etc. ) and interview Preparation.


1. Which of the following shows the use of computer at home?

a) Watching movies

b) Treatment of diseases

c) None of these

Ans. A

2. ATM stands for ____

a) Automatic Teller Machine

b) Automatic Transaction Machine

c) Automatic Treatment machine

d) None of these

Ans. A

3. ____ refers to conversion of non-digital material to digital form.

(A) Digitization

(B) Data transfer

(C) Transcription

(D) None of the given

Ans: A

4. A turnkey package includes

(A) Training

(B) Software

(C) Hardware

(D) All of these

Ans: D

5. A server  ____ a service.

a) Requests             

b) Provides

c) A or B                    

d) None of these

Ans. B

6. Wi-Fi is a short name for ____

a) Wired Fidelity                  

b) Wireless Fidelity

c) Wireless Frequency       

d) None of the above

Ans. B

7. Responsibility of implementation of IT/ITeS Policy lies with

a) State Technology park Unit

b) Ministry of IT at State and Center

c) Director (IT) in consultation with DST

d) Industrial Commissioner

Ans. C

8. In As per IT/ITeS Policy (2016-21), terms BPO refers to

a) Business Process Outsourcing

b) Business Process Outcomes

c) Best Processing Outcomes

d) Business Practices and Outcomes

Ans. A

9. Who created the C programming Language

a) Ken Thompson

b) Dennis Ritchie

c) Robin Milner

d) Frieder Nake

Ans. B

10. In India which of the following is not Correct about “DigiLocker” ?

a) Signing for Digilocker requires an individual’s mobile number

b) DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents.

c) Organizations registered with DigiLocker can store electronic copies of documents/ certificated directly into citizen’s lockers.

d) Citizens can download e-document but can not upload any document in their accounts.

Ans. D

11. When NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) was established

a) 1988

b) 1997

c) 1993

d) 1882

Ans. A

12. Which of the following are basically small computers?

a) Tab

b) Mobile phone

c) Mouse

d) None of these

Ans. A

13. Which of the following is likely to have a speed of millions of instructions per second ?

a) Humans               

b) Cars          

c) Computers

Ans. C

14. Which of the following is referred to Garbage in the usage, “Garbage in Garbage Out” ?

a) Dust

b) Diseases

c) Error in input to computer

Ans. C

15. Multiple passwords for single accounts or receipt of OTP on mobile has plans to secure the:

a) Gmail inbox

b) Yahoo inbox

c) Banking transactions

Ans. C

16. Which of the following allows to take 3D images of internal organs?

a) CAT

b) Blood sugar monitor

c) Blood pressure monitor

Ans. A

17. In order to entertain, how are various artificial effects added to a movie?

a) Using video effects software

b) By causing rain and thunder

c) None of these

Ans. A

18. What does the M in BPM stand for?

a) Manager

b) Management

c) Measurement

Ans. B

19. Which of the following is an online encyclopedia?

a) Bing

b) Slashdot

c) Wikipedia

Ans. C

20. Which of the following machines is the fastest?

a) Lawn mower

b) Simple pendulum

c) Computer

Ans. C

21. What is meant by the statement that, “Computer is accurate”?

a) Computer gives correct output for correct input only

b) Computer can calculate infinitely

c) Computer does not get tried

Ans. A

22. Which of the following can cause the computer to stop its working?

a) System failure

b) Power issues

c) Both of these

Ans. C

23. Which of these machines many years ago used to be analog ?

a) Radio

b) Television

c) Car

Ans. C

24. Semiconductor memory device in which stored date will remain permanently stored as long as power is supplied is

a) Dynamic memory device

b) Storage device

c) Flash device

d) Static memory device

Ans. D

25. Computer word size is a multiple of

a) 16 bit

b) 4 bits

c) 1024 bits

d) 10 bits

Ans. A

26. In computer terminology, OCR stands for

a) Optical Character recognition

b) Optical Card Reader

c) Office cash receiver

d) Online Computer Retrieval

Ans. A

27. Type of computer memory in which access time is not constant but varies depending on the address location is known as

a) RAM

b) RWM

c) ROM

d) SAM (Sequential access memory)

Ans. D

28. As a Technical Support Executive, which of the following is the most appropriate way to provide

confirmation after receiving query of a customer?

A. Give confirmation via email

B. Give confirmation via SMS

C. Give confirmation over call

D. Only give confirmation after the resolution of query

Correct Answer: A

29. You receive an email from a customer with a query. The query will be resolved but it is likely to

take more time than customer’s expectation. What should you do in this situation?

A. Ask the customer to contact again after a while

B. Inform the customer about the delay in resolution and apologize for the same

C. Inform the customer that there will be a delay which is unavoidable

D. Ask the customer to contact a different representative

Correct Answer: B

30. A customer’s computer screen freezes on the Windows startup screen during boot. Which of the

following is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. Corrupt boot sector

B. Problem with a hardware device

C. Corrupt or missing NTLDR

D. Error in BOOT.INI

Correct Answer: D

31. A computer system can accept textual input with the help of

a) Mouse

b) Video Camera

c) Keyboard

d) Barcode Reader

Ans. c

32. We can enter the audio form of data into a computer system with the help of

a) Microphone

b) Scanner

c) Keyboard

d) Barcode Reader

Ans. a

33. One of the Internet Service provider in India



c) Microsoft

d) Infosys

Ans. b

34. Files can be organized in

a) Printer

b) keyboard

c) Folder

d) Mouse

Ans. c

35. Which of the following is NOT an input device?

a) Scanner

b) Speaker

c) Keyboard

d) Mic

Ans. b

36. Which of the following can be used for Audio-Video communication?

a) Video Conferencing

b) Chat

c) Email

d) IP Telephony

Ans. a

37. Which of the following is Not an Internet Browser?

a) Google Chrome

b) Internet Explorer

c) Mozilla Firefox

d) Notepad

Ans. D

38. Identify a valid email id out of the following.



c) gk@editorial@in             

d) gk

Ans. A

39. Which of the following combination of keys are used for copying a particular file in a folder?

a) CTRL + V

b) Ctrl + X

c) Ctrl + C

d) Ctrl + A

Ans. C

40. Who programmed the first computer game ‘spacewar!’ in 1962?

a) Steave Russell

b) Konard Zuse

c) Alan Emtage

d) Tim Berners-Lee

Ans. A

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