Database MCQ [PDF] 160 Most Important Questions and Answers

Database MCQ. DBMS Most important objective multiple choice quiz questions and answers with pdf for computer related competitive exams and interview.

Database MCQ

1. What is a database

a) Organized collection of information that cannot be accessed, updated, and managed

b) Collection of data or information without organizing

c) Organized collection of data or information that can be accessed, updated, and managed

d) Organized collection of data that cannot be updated

Ans. c

2. Which of the following cannot be used to modify the data in a database

a) delete

b) update

c) drop

d) insert

Ans. c

3. What is an instance of a database

a) The logical design of the database system

b) The entire set of attributes of the database put together in a single relation

c) The state of the database system at any given point of time

d) The initial values inserted into the database immediately after its creation

Ans. c

4. Database catalog or dictionary defining descriptive information which is stored in database is called

a) Constrained data

b) Metadata

c) Basic data

d) filtered data

Ans. b

5. Which type of data can be stored in the database?

a) Image oriented data

b) Text, files containing data

c) Data in the form of audio or video

d) All of these

Ans. d

6. Select the correct definition of relation in database

a) Subnet of a Cartesian product of list of domains

b) Subset of a Cartesian product of list of tuple

c) Subset of a Cartesian product of list of attributes

d) Subset of a Cartesian product of list of relations

Ans. a

7. Which one of these is not included in acid property of database

1. Atomicity

2. Consistency

3. Isolation

4. Deadlock-freedom

Ans. 4

8. Which of the following command do we use to delete a relationship from a database

a) Delete

b) Drop

c) Remove

d) All of these

Ans. b

9. Advantages of NoSQL database

a) Open Source

b) Backup

c) High scalability

d) GUI is not available

Ans. c

10. Which one of these is an advantage of database?

a) Storage Space duplication is eliminated

b) All application share centralized files

c) Data are stored once in database and are easily accessible when needed

d) All of these

Ans. d

11. Which of the following is not a type of database

a) Hierarchical

b) network

c) Distributed

d) Decentralized

Ans. d

12. Which language can be used to get information from database?


b) Java

c) SQL

d) C++

Ans. c

13. Which clause is required in an SQL query for getting information from a database

a) Update

b) Display

c) Select

d) Create

Ans. c

14. Which SQL statement is used to insert a new data in a database

a) Add New

b) Insert New

c) Insert into

d) Add record

Ans. c

15. How can you execute DML statements in the database?

a) By making use of the insertStatement, DeleteStatement or UpdateStatement classes

b) By inoking the execute(…) or executeUpdate(…) method of a normal Statement object

c) By invoking the executeInsert(…), executeDelete(…) or executeUpdate(…) methods of

d) By making use of the execute(…) statement of the DataModificationStatement object

Ans. b

16. Which of the following is not a modification of the database

a) deletion

b) insertion

c) sorting

d) updating

Ans. c

17. When is it best to use a NoSQL database?

a) When providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability is crucial

b) When the data is predictable

c) When the retrieval of large quantities of data is needed

d) When the retrieval speed of data is not critical

Ans. c

18. Which database concept describes the structure inside the database

a) Primary key

b) Cell

c) View

d) Schema

Ans. d

19. A _____ name must be unique within a database

a) Table

b) Field

c) Record

d) Character

Ans. a

20. Which of the following is the example of network database ?


b) Ingress

c) Oracle


Ans. a

21. In the client / server model the database

a) is downloaded to the client upon request

b) is shared by both the client and server

c) Resides on the client side

d) Resides on the server side

Ans. d

22. What method can you use to add a new table to your database ?

a) Use Design view to create table

b) Enter data directly by using a database

c) Both of above

d) All of these

Ans. c

23. How much maximum file can be there in one database ?

a) 65536

b) 16384

c) 32764

d) 32767

Ans. d

24. The android component that works like database

a) Services

b) Activities

c) Broadcast Receivers

d) Content Providers

Ans. d

25. Which of the following is not a database

a) MySQL

b) Base

c) SQL Server

d) Spreadsheet

Ans. b

26. Which of the following is not a function of the database ?

a) Managing stored data

b) Manipulating data

c) Security for stored data

d) Analysing code

Ans. d

27. Database _____ which is the logical design of the database, and the database ______ which is a snapshot of the data in the database at a given instant in time.

a) Instance, Schema

b) Relation, Schema

c) Relation, Domain

d) Schema, Instance

Ans. d

28. Which data adaptor query type can be used with the access database?

a) Use SQL statements

b) Create new stored procedure

c) Use existing stored procedure

d) Both a and b

Ans. a

29. Command to open a particular database file is

a) Open

b) Use

c) Both

d) None

Ans. b

30. A database procedure is stored in the database

a) In compiled form

b) As Source code

c) Both A & B

d) Not stored

Ans. c

31. Top providers of NoSQL database

a) Microsoft

b) Oracle

c) IBM

d) All of these

Ans. d

32. Copyright in a database:

a) only exists if the database is the author’s own intellectual creation

b) required that skill and labour is used in the selection or arrangement of the contents of the database

c) Protect against the extraction of data from the database

d) does not protect databases where the intellectual creation went towards creating the data, rather than selecting or arranging it

Ans. d

33. Which of the following statements does not apply to relational database

a) Relational databases are simple to understand

b) Tables are one of the basic components of relational databases

c) Relational databases have a strong procedural oriented

d) Relational databases have a strong mathematical foundation

Ans. c

34. Which of the following is not the advantage of database Management System?

a) Controls Data Inconsistency

b) Facilitates Sharing Data

c) Increases Data Redundancy

d) Maintains Integrity

Ans. c

35. Which keyword is used to create a database ?

a) Create

b) SET



Ans. a

36. Unlike filters queries can be saved as _____ in a database.

a) Filters

b) Objects

c) Database

d) Any of these

Ans. b

37. How will using a middle tier typically affect the number of connections to a database ?

a) Increase the Number

b) Have no effect on the number

c) Decrease the number

d) It depends on the type of client

Ans. c

38. In which of the following states the data is still not saved in the database ?

a) Active

b) Partially Committed

c) Both A and B

d) None of these

Ans. c

39. A database contains ________ to help management of information.

(a) schemes

(b) tables

(c) queries/ views

(d) all of them

Ans. d

40. Querying and selecting data from a table is called ______ .

(a) data update

(b) data retrieval

(c) data definition

(d) database administration

Ans. b

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