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Technology MCQ questions. Computer Tech related Question answer Objective MCQs with Answers pdf for all Competitive Exams like SSC, Railway, BANK, UPSC, NTPC, CHSL, MP Police, IBPS etc.

Technology MCQ Questions

1. In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?

a) 1850s

b) 1880s

c) 1930s

d) 1950s

Ans. b

2. In Which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?

a) 1850s

b) 1880s

c) 1930s

d) 1900s

Ans. d

3. ‘.MOV’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

a) Image file

b) Animation/movie file

c) Audio file

d) MS office document

Ans. b

4. In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?

a) 1950s

b) 1960s

c) 1972s

d) 1980s

Ans. c

5. Most modern TV’s draw power even if turned off. The power is used in does what function?

a) Sound

b) Remote Control

c) Color balance

d) High voltage

Ans. b

6. Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?

a) Flash           

b) Flange

c) Fury            


Ans. a

7. The purpose of Choke in Tube light is ?

a) To decrease the current

b) To increase the current

c) To decrease the voltage momentarily

d) To increase the voltage momentarily

Ans. d

8. ‘.MPG’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

a) Word Perfect Document file

b) MS Office document

c) Animation/movie file

d) Image file

Ans. c

9. Who is largely responsible for breaking the German Enigma codes, created a test that provided a foundation for artificial intelligence?

a) Anan Turing

b) Jeff Bezos

c) George Boole

d) Charles Babbage

Ans. a

10. Made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, which inhibits the flow of current ..?

a) Choke

b) Inductor

c) Resistor

d) Capacitor

Ans. c

11. The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for …..?

a) Video Home system

b) Very High speed

c) Video Horizontal standard

d) Voltage house standard

Ans. a

12. What does VVVF stand for ?

a) Variant Voltage Vile Frequency

b) Variable Velocity Variable Fun

c) Very Very Vicious Frequency

d) Variable Voltage Variable Frequency

Ans. d

13. What frequency range is the High Frequency band?

a) 100 kHz

b) 1 GHz

c) 30 to 300 MHz

d) 3 to 30 MHz

Ans. d

14. The first step to getting output from a laser is to excite an active medium. What is this process called?

a) Pumping

b) Exciting

c) Priming

d) Raising

Ans. a

15. What is the relationship between resistivity r and conductivity s?

a) R = s2  

b) R = s

c) R > s

d) R = 1/s

Ans. d

16. Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine?

a) Permanent magnet motor

b) Series motor

c) Squirrel cage motor

d) Synchronous motor

Ans. c

17. A given signal’s second harmonic is twice the given signal’s _____ frequency?

a) Fourier

b) Foundation

c) Fundamental

d) Field

Ans. c

18. In which year was MIDI introduced?

a) 1987

b) 1983

c) 1973

d) 1977

Ans. b

19. What does the term PLC stand for ?

a) Programmable Lift Computer

b) Program List control

c) Programmable Logic Controller

d) Piezo Lamp Connector

Ans. c

20. When measuring the characteristics of a small-signal amplifier, say for a radio receiver, one might be concerned with its “Noise…”?

a) Fundamental

b) Fall

c) Force

d) Figure

Ans. d

21. ‘.INI’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

a) Image file

b) System file

c) Hypertext related file

d) Image Color Matching Profile file

Ans. b

22. The sampling rate, (how many samples per second are stored) for a CD is …?

a) 48.4 kHz

b) 22,050 Hz

c) 44.1 kHz

d) 48 kHz

Ans. c

23. Who created Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)?

a) Phil Zimmermann

b) Tim Berners-Lee

c) Marc Andreessen

d) Ken Thompson

Ans. a

24. What do we call a network whose elements may be separated by some distance? It usually involves two or more small networks and dedicated high-speed telephone lines.

a) URL

b) LAN ( Local Area Network)

c) WAN (Wide Area Network)

d) World Wide Web

Ans. c

25. After the first photons of light are produced, which process is responsible for amplification of the light?

a) Blackbody radiation

b) Stimulated emission

c) Planck’s radiation

d) Einstein oscillation

Ans. b

26. ‘.TMP’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

a) Compressed Archive file

b) Image file

c) Temporary file

d) Audio file

Ans. c

27. In the UK, what type of installation requires a fireman’s switch?

a) Neon Lighting

b) High Pressure Sodium Lighting

c) Water Features

d) Hotel Rooms

Ans. b

28. In the United States the television broadcast standard is?

a) PAL



d) RGB

Ans. c

29. In a color television set using a picture tube a high voltage is used to accelerate electron beams to light the screen. That voltage is about?

a) 500 volts

b) 5 thousand volts

c) 25 thousand volts

d) 100 thousand volts

Ans. b

30. The transformer that develops the high voltage in a home television is commonly called as?

a) Tesla coil

b) Flyback

c) Yoke

d) Van de Graaf

Ans. b

31. Which consists of two plates separated by a dielectric and can store a charge?

a) Inductor

b) Capacitor

c) Transistor

d) Relay

Ans. b

32. What do we call a collection of two or more computers that are located within a limited distance of each other and that are connected to each other directly or indirectly?

a) Inernet

b) Interanet

c) Local Area network

d) Wide Area network

Ans. c

33. What does AM mean?

a) Angelo merconi

b) Anno median

c) Amplitude modulation

d) Ampres

Ans. c

34. The NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is also used in the country of ….?

a) Japan

b) France

c) Germany

d) England

Ans. a

35. “FET” is a type of transistor, its full name is ____ Effect Transistor?

a) Field

b) Factor

c) Flash

d) Force

Ans. a

36. What are three types of lasers?

a) Gas, metal vapor, rock

b) Pointer, diode, CD

c) Diode, inverted, pointer

d) Gas, Solid state, diode

Ans. d

37. What will a UPS be used for in a building?

a) To provide power to essential equipment

b) To monitor building electricity use

c) To carry messages between departments

d) To control lighting and power systems

Ans. a

38. Who built the world’s first binary digit computer: Z1?

a) Konrad Zuse

b) Ken Thompson

c) Alan Turing

d) George Boole

Ans. a

39. Compact discs, (according to the original CD specifications ) hold how many minutes of music?

a) 74 mins

b) 56 mins

c) 60 mins

d) 90 mins

Ans. a

40. ‘DTP’ computer abbreviation usually means?

a) Digital Transmission Protocol

b) DeskTop Publishing

c) Data Type Programming

d) Document Type Processing

Ans. b

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