Getting Ready for Apprenticeship MCQ [PDF] ITI ES New Question

Getting ready for apprenticeship MCQ. ITI Employability Skills Questions PDF in Hindi and English. New Question bank provided by DGT in year 2023 for all CTS 1st year trades.

नोट: इस पोस्ट में आपको सभी प्रश्न इंग्लिश भाषा में देखने को मिलेंगे, अगर आपको हिंदी में प्रश्न चाहिए तो आप पीडीऍफ़ को डाउनलोड कर लीजिये | उसमे आपको आईटीआई एम्प्लोयाबिलिटी स्किल्स के नये चैप्टर Getting Ready for Apprenticeship के प्रश्न हिंदी और इंग्लिश दोनों भाषा में मिलेंगे |

Getting Ready for Apprenticeship MCQ

Getting ready for apprenticeship MCQ
Getting ready for Apprenticeship MCQ

1. What is a bad practice in workplace?

a) Open and honest communication

b) Opportunity to grow in the company

c) Good work-life balance

d) No trust between co-workers

Ans. d

2. Good, professional relationship with co-workers can give the feeling of __________.

a) Job satisfaction

b) Fear

c) Confusion

d) Negative energy

Ans. a

3. A good way to save the resources in our planet is __________.

a) Use of less electricity

b) Create less pollution

c) Less use of plastic

d) All of them

Ans. d

4. Ganesh greets his co-workers every day. He is trying to maintain ______ at work.

a) Skills

b) Good relationships

c) Anger

d) Power

Ans. b

5. Kim has a habit of switching off her desktop and PC when not in use. This helps to _____ energy at the workplace.

a) Spend

b) Waste

c) Conserve (Save)

d) Practice

Ans. c

6. _____ is the process of taking steps to look neat and presentable.

a) Grooming

b) Brooming

c) Caring

d) Uniform

Ans. a

7. Personal hygiene means keeping body parts clean and _____.

a) Working

b) Healthy

c) Ugly

d) Dirty

Ans. b

8. During an industrial visit or an interview we have to dress _____.

a) Formally

b) Dirty

c) Ugly

d) Brightly

Ans. a

9. If we do not have good personal hygiene (cleanliness), what happens?

a) We look beautiful

b) We feel angry

c) We can get sick easily

d) We feel stress

Ans. c

10. Shreyas is going for an interview. He has picked a shirt from the cupboard. He must ______ before wearing it.

a) Soak

b) Color

c) Pick

d) Iron

Ans. d

11. _____ can be physical, mental or emotional reaction that makes us feel worried.

a) Stress

b) Food

c) Job

d) Action

Ans. a

12. What kind of stress can lead to lifelong physical and mental health issues?

a) Short tem

b) Long term

c) Mid term

d) Good stress

Ans. c

13. _____ stress can make us feel excited and motivated.

a) Bad

b) Good

c) Short term

d) Long term

Ans. b

14. Tom feels very tensed and scared. He is unable to concentrate before his exams. He is sweating. What kind of stress is this?

a) Good

b) Small

c) Bad

d) Never

Ans. c

15. Arjun focused only on his work and does not get involved in workplace politics. He also make sure he does not work after office-hours. He makes time for his family. What is he doing?

a) Working a lot

b) Not working at home

c) Maintain good work-life balance

d) Helping society

Ans. c

16. A ______ is the first document an employer will look at when reviewing the job application.

a) Certificate

b) Resume

c) Ticket

d) Invitation

Ans. b

17. What are the key elements of a resume?

a) Personal information

b) Career objective

c) Education

d) All of them

Ans. d

18. Which of the following is not a soft skill?

a) Time management

b) Communication Skill

c) Carpenter Skill

d) Goal setting

Ans. c

19. Vimal wanted to update his resume. Which of the following he should not include in his resume?

a) Salary expectations

b) Name

c) Qualification

d) Date of birth

Ans. a

20. Harry has knowledge of circuits and wiring. He can apply as an _____ in a company.

a) Beautician

b) Plumber

c) Fitter

d) Electrician

Ans. d

21. ______ is the formal process of checking if the candidate is suitable for the job

a) Interview

b) Practice

c) Exam

d) Reading

Ans. a

22. Which of the following is not an interview skill?

a) Clear communication

b) Painting

c) Active listening

d) Confidence

Ans. b

23. Which of the following are good manners in an interview?

a) Not making eye contact

b) Speaking too fast

c) Being on time

d) Getting irritated

Ans. c

24. The interviewer asked Rahul to wait for a few days. What can Rahul do after few days?

a) Follow up with the employer on phone call or email

b) Give up his hope

c) Never call

d) Meet his friends

Ans. a

25. Seema is attending an interview. What is she is supposed to carry for the interview?

a) Resume

b) Certificates

c) ID cards

d) All of them

Ans. d

26. Which of the following will the interviewer expect from the candidates?

a) Good soft skills

b) Cooking skills

c) Singing skills

d) Painting skills

Ans. a

27. Which of the following should be avoided while facing an interview?

a) Use mobiles

b) Speaking

c) Listening

d) Answering questions

Ans. a

28. The interview is a discussion between _____ and ____ for mutual benefits.

a) Teacher and student

b) Employee and Employer

c) Brother and Sister

d) Friends

Ans. b

29. Nagma going for an interview. Whom should she meet for her interview?

a) Security Guard

b) Stranger

c) CEO

d) HR Manager

Ans. d

30. Hita did not enjoy her work in her previous company. She is going for interview to another company. What should Hita NOT do?

a) Talk badly about her previous company

b) Communicate clearly

c) Take her resume

d) Be on time for the interview

Ans. a

31. Mock interview is useful for _____.

a) Fun

b) Practice

c) Truth

d) Tuition

Ans. b

32. The main purpose of mock interviews is to give _____

a) Marks

b) Tables

c) Feedback

d) Times

Ans. c

33. Which of the following is an advantage of a mock interview?

a) Learning how to speak

b) Learning how to dress

c) Using proper body language

d) All of these

Ans. d

34. Geetha wants to take a mock interview before attending the real one. Whom do you think she must choose as an interviewer?

a) A stranger

b) Her senior

c) Her younger sister

d) Shop keeper

Ans. b

35. keith recorded his interview as a video to understand his performance. This is also one of the method to receive _____.

a) Feedback

b) Wishes

c) Compliments

d) Greetings

Ans. a

36. Co-workers need to support each other to grow in their career. What kind of support is acceptable by a co-worker?

a) Giving and taking personal loans

b) Sharing gossip

c) Sharing knowledge & good ideas for work

d) Giving alcohol

Ans. c

37. Which is an example of online professional networking?

a) News paper

b) Social media

c) Radio

d) Magazine

Ans. b

38. Which is a good place to build a professional network?

a) Meetings

b) Social media

c) Community gathering

d) All of them

Ans. b

39. Rekha takes care of all water-pipe fittings in her company. She can be part of _____ professional network

a) Plumber’s

b) Carpenter’s

c) Tailor

d) Beautician

Ans. d

40. Saif’s college professor guided him to choose the right career path. He must show ____ to his guide.

a) Gratitude

b) Anger

c) Fear

d) Arrogance

Ans. a

Getting Ready for Apprenticeship MCQ [PDF in Hindi/English)
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