IT&ESM Question Bank for AITT Apprentice Exam paper

IT&ESM Question Bank and Quiz

IT&ESM Question Bank for AITT Apprentice exam paper preparation in 2021. IT & ESM full form is Information technology and electronics system maintenance. These Questions helpful for Apprenticeship exam of it and ESM trade in ITI. Most important MCQ for All India trade test.

1.The tri-square, combination square, farming square and bevel set are all?
a) marking tools
b) measuring tools
c) clamping tools
d) None of these

2. Smallest particle of an element which can take part in any chemical change is known as a/an?
a) nucleus
b) atom
c) proton
d) neutron

3. Resistors that have set resistance, are known as?
a) fixed resistors
b) variable resistors
c) thermistors
d) None of these

4. When a lead acid battery is in fully charge condition, the color of its positive plate is?
a) brown
b) dark brown
c) dark grey
d) None of these

5. Capacitors which use chemical reactions to store charge are called?
a) fixed capacitors
b) ceramic capacitors
c) electrolytic capacitors
d) parallel plate capacitors

6. The circuit is said to be in resonance if the current is ____ with the applied voltage?
a) in phase
b) out of phase
c) 90 degree out of phase
d) None of these

7. Direction of rotation of DC motor is determined by ?
a) Lenz’s law
b) Coulomb’s law
c) Fleming’s left-hand rule
d) Faraday’s law

8. One of the basic requirements of a servomotor is that it must produce high torque at all?
a) loads
b) speeds
c) frequencies
d) voltages

9. An ammeter is connected in _____ with the circuit element whose current we wish to measure?
a) Series
b) Parallel
c) Series of parallel
d) None of these

10. Which of these does not change in a trasformer?
a) Current
b) Voltage
c) Frequency
d) all of these

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