ITI Employability skills 110 Most Important Questions [PDF]

ITI Employability skills Objective questions and answers most important MCQ for ITI students ES exams preparation with pdf download free for NCVT/SCVT, These all questions we collect from previous year question papers. All Question collect from Bharat Skills website.

ITI Employability skills Objective Questions and Answers

1. Which one of the following is a soft copy output device?

a) Monitor      

b) Printer        

c) Plotter                    

d) graphics card

Ans. a

2. Which one of the command is used to close all window operating system?

a) Open   

b) Exit             

c) Reset         

d) Shutdown

Ans. d

3. Hand protection is done in industries through__________.

a) Helmet       

b) Goggles     

c) Gloves       

d) Mask

Ans. b

4. The shortcut key for copy of the file is…….

a) Ctrl + A      

b) Ctrl + C      

c) Ctrl + X       

d) Ctrl +V

Ans. b

5. Which one of the following software is used for documents?

a) MS word                

b) MS Excel               

c) Media Player        

d) Paint & Brush

Ans. a

6. The Data is stored in a Hard disk as [Online Paper 2021]

a) Analog voltage     

b) Analog variable  

c) Zeros and ones    

d) DOS

Ans. c

7. Spread sheet are save with extension………

a) .xls              

b) .doc                        

c) .pdf             

d) .mp3

Ans. a

8. Where all the deleted files will be stored?

a) Personal folder    

b) Official Folder      

c) Recycle Bin                      

d) Compact Disk (CD)

Ans. c

9. Production work ______ due to strike or lockout.

a) Cost increase       

b) Panic increases               

c) Fatigue increases            

d) Stops

Ans. d

10. Communication is the act of transmitting and receiving.

a) Money       

b) iti portal   

c) Property     

d) Information

a) Sound       

Ans. d

11. The communication used by Dogs by barking is…….

b) Visual        

c) Body language    

d) Facial expression

Ans. a

12. Which one of the following is written communication?

a) Speech      

b) Discussion                       

c) Presentation                     

d) Report

Ans. d

13. What does this SMS mean

“R u de ?C u 2 nite”

a) You rude and cute                                  

b) Are you rude? I will cut you to down to size

c) Are you there? See you tonight                        

d) Are you dear? There is a queue at night.

Ans. c

14. Which are among the following should not included in your job resume?

a) Your name            

b) Your eating habits                      

c) Your address        

d) Your qualification

Ans. b

15. What does “ASAP” stand for in SMS language?

a) As silent as probable      

b) As soon as probable

c) As soon as possible        

d) As simple as possible

Ans. c

16. Which of the following is a long term goal?

a) study for the exams                                 

b) Become a manager in a big company

c) Complete a given homework                 

d) complete the diploma course successfully

Ans. b

17. Words that show the actions are called as……….

a) Nouns       

b) Verbs         

c) Adjective                

d) Pronouns

Ans. b

18. Which one is ordinal number?

a) Two            

b) Seventh    

c) Twenty       

d) Twelve

Ans. b

19. After receiving interview call, what is the next step?

a) Send application letter               

b) Prepare the resume

c) Appear at interview                     

d) Send resume

Ans. c

20. The vertical lines in an excel sheet are known as-

a) Rows                     

b) Columns               

c) Matrix                     

d) Pillars

Ans. b

21. Total Quality Management (TQM) focuses on________.

a) Employee             

b) Customer             

c) Both (a) & (b)       

d) None of  these

Ans. c

22. Full form of D.I.C. is ______.

a) Direct Investment Centre                      

b) Delhi Industrial Corporation

c) District Industry Centre              

d) Dual Investment Corporation

Ans. c

23. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition from given choices.

The books were kept……..the table.

a) at               

b) in               

c) on              

d) over

Ans. c

24. Choose an appropriate ‘wh’ – question for the following sentence. : “ I live in Haryana”

a) What is your place?                               

b) When did you leave Haryana

c) Why do you love living in Haryana     

d) Where do you live?

Ans. d

25. Fill in the blanks with suitable comparative adjective. Ram is……thanshyam.

a) Heetson               

b) Taller         

c) More tall                

d) Tallest

Ans. b

26. What is the long from this SMS short from “FYI”?

a) for your information       

b) for your identification     

c) for your internet              

d) for your inncence

Ans. a

27. Alternative sources of water include which of the following?

a) Domestic recycling                                 

b) Rainwater harvesting    

c) Aquifer storage and recovery               

d) all of these

Ans. b

28. which one is NOT a vowel?

a) a    

b) e    

c) f      

d) i

Ans. c

29. Fill in the blank with proper interrogative adjective –“………are you going?”

a) who                       

b) where       

c) which        

d) what

Ans. b

30. which one is in passive voice?

a) Mohan is painting a house                              

b) She was reading a book

c) Her birthday was celebrated by us                  

d) I have seen that movie

Ans. c

31. Fill in the blank with proper reflexive pronoun. “She has hurt………”

a) myself       

b) herself      

c) himself      

d) itself

Ans. b

32. Re-arrange the following set of words into meaning sentence. “teacher/school/worked/she/a/as”

a) School worked as a she teacher         

b) She worked as a school teacher

c) She teacher worked as a school         

d) Worked she as a school teacher

Ans. b

33. Source of geothermal energy is_______.

a) Sun                       

b) Tides         

c) Earth                     

d) Air

Ans. c

34. Which one is NOT a conjunction?

a) And                       

b) Or              

c) But             

d) On

Ans. d

35. A resume should be………..

a) Short and precise                                               

b) Fancy and colorful

c) Having long and detailed information            

d) Having acronym and abbreviation

Ans. a

36. Which is a silent letter in the word “ANSWER”?

a) R                

b) E                

c) S                

d) W

Ans. d

37. Fill in the blank with suitable place preposition. “My house is…….the third floor”?

a) of               

b) in               

c) on              

d) under

Ans. c

38. Fill in the blank with correct word.  He ______ going to school.

a) is                

b) am             

c) had gone  

d) will go


39. Fill in the blank with correct question word. “… the speaker at the function”?

a) what                      

b) when        

c) why                       

d) who

Ans. d

40. Which one is a cardinal number?

a) X                

b) II                 

c) IV               

d) 3

Ans. d

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