ITI Plumber Syllabus 2022 [NSQF Level 4]

ITI Plumber syllabus 2022 for theory exam paper preparation provided by DGT department for all NCVT trade students. Based on NIMI new pattern.

ITI Plumber Syllabus 2022

i. Hand tools
ii. Basic Fitting Operation
iii. Pipe thread and Fittings
5.Mason work
6.Basic Plumbing
i. Cutting and Bending of pipe
ii. PVC joints, Pipes and fittings
iii. Composition of water
7.Piping System
8.Pumps, Cocks and Valves
9.Drainage System and Plumbing
10.Rain water Harvesting
11.Bending of Heavy pipes
12.Domestic Plumbing System
13.Repairing & Reconditioning
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