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Tally MCQ Questions

1. Company restore option is available in ________.

a) Company reset   

b) New company     

c) company information     

d) Edit company

Ans. c

2. To change current Date from Gateway of tally press the key ____.

a) F1              

b) F2              

c) F3              

d) F4

Ans. b

3. Tally supports ________ system of accounting.

(a) single entry        

(b) double entry       

(c) no entry               

(d) null entry

Ans. b

4. Tally can maintain ________ for stock keeping, so that fresh inventory may arrive before the old stock is  exhausted.

(a) reorder level       

(b) profit        

(c) loss          

(d) cash

Ans. a

5. Balance sheet is produced ________when accounts are maintained in Tally.

(a) manually             

(b) automatically                  

(c) remotely              

(d) randomly

Ans. b

6. The statement of account debits, credits, assets and liabilities is called______.

(a) stock& inventory report            

(b) profit & loss account     

(c) balance sheet    

(d) cash balance

Ans. c

7. Pressing _______button in the Gateway of Tally opens company info in Tally.

(a) Alt+F3      

(b) F11          

(c) F5             

(d) F6

Ans. a

8. Pressing______ key opens accounting features.

(a) Alt+F3      

(b) F11          

(c) F5             

(d) F6

Ans. b

9. Payroll, budgeting and scenario management may be enabled through ______menu in Tally.

(a) Accounting Features    

(b) Inventory Features        

(c) Statutory and Taxation 

(d) none of them

Ans. a

10. Account Groups, Ledgers, Budget and scenario are available under ______ in Tally.

(a) Payroll Info         

(b) Inventory Info     

(c) Accounts Info     

(d) none of them

Ans. c

11. Tally Package is developed by ________.

a) Tally solutions      

b) Tally corporation              

c) Tally company      

d) Tata company

Ans. a

12. Financial Year period is ______.

a) 1 April to 31 March                      

b) 1 January to 31 December       

c) 1 june to 31 july                            

d) none of these

Ans. a

13. Tally is a _______ software.

(a) spreadsheet        

(b) accounting          

(c) publishing           

(d) animation

Ans. b

14. Tally supports _______ accounting types.

(a) cash          

(b) payroll      

(c) inventory              

(d) all of them

Ans. d

15. Tally can provide _______ to each company.

(a) password security          

(b) no security           

(c) barrier       

(d) wrapper

Ans. a

16. Tally can maintain ________ accounts.

(a) tax accounts        

(b) liabilities accounts         

(c) both a & b            

(d) none of them

Ans. c

17. Tally allows data entry in _______ language(s).

(a) only Tamil            

(b) only English        

(c) only Hindi                        

(d) many Indian/Asian

Ans. d

18. Tally generates________ report(s) automatically based on voucher/ journal entries.

(a) balance sheet                 

(b) stock report         

(c) profit & loss account      

(d) all of them

Ans. d

19. ______ is the shortcut to set date in Tally.

(a) F6              

(b) F5              

(c) F4              

(d) F2

Ans. d

20. _____is the shortcut to inventory buttons from Accounting Vouchers in Tally.

(a) Alt+F1       

(b) Ctrl+F1     

(c) F7              

(d) F8

Ans. a

21. _____ is the shortcut to company info from Gateway of Tally.

(a) F1              

(b) Alt+F1       

(c) Alt+F2       

(d) Alt+F3

Ans. d

22. _____ is the shortcut to change the language in Tally.

(a) Alt+ D       

(b) Alt+ Q       

(c) Alt+ P        

(d) Alt+ G

Ans. d

23. ______ is the shortcut to shut a company in Tally.

(a) F1              

(b) Alt+F1       

(c) Alt+F2       

(d) Alt+F3

Ans. b

24. ______ is the shortcut to change the accounting period from Gateway of Tally.

(a) F1              

(b) Alt+F1       

(c) Alt+F2       

(d) Alt+F3

Ans. c

25. ______ is the shortcut to export a report to different format in Tally.

(a) Alt+2         

(b) Alt+ A        

(c) Alt+ C       

(d) Alt+ E

Ans. d

26. POS stands for ______ in accounting/Tally.

(a) Purchase of Sale           

(b) Point of Safety               

(c) Purpose of Sale              

(d) Point of Sale

Ans. d

27. In taxation, TCS stands for_____.

(a) Tax Creation at Source             

(b) Tax Collected at Source

(c) Tax Combined at Source          

(d) Tariff Collected at Station

Ans. b

28. In taxation, VAT stands for_____.

(a) Value Assigned Tax                  

(b) Value Approved Tax

(c) Value Added Transaction         

(d) Value Added Tax

Ans. d

29. Who receives benefits without giving money immediately but liable to pay in future?





Ans. b

30.What is the purpose of security feature in Tally?

Provides budget option

Provides option for data backup

Provides option to upload reports

Provides statement of accounts

Ans. c

31.Which budget is prepared for a very short period?

Current budget     

Long term budget            

Rolling budget      

Short term budget

Ans. a

32. ______ is the major source of revenue of any business.

a) Investment            

b) Advance                

c) Loan           

d) Sales

Ans. d

33. Full form of ODBC

a) Open data base connectivity                         

b) Open data base calculating

c) Open document basically                              

d) Order data base connection

Ans. a

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