CCC Question Paper with Answer PDF Download [Nov 2022] 150 MCQs

CCC Question paper with answer PDF Download in English. These questions are collected from November 2022 CCC Online exam paper. So these are the most important Questions for CCC Online Exam paper. In this post we write only 35 Question But no worry about you can download PDF where you see all 150 MCQ Questions.

CCC Question paper with answer PDF Download

1. What is a Process or Function in Linux?

a) Task Build

b) Task_struct

c) Task Construct

d) Task domain

Ans. B

2. Which of the following program searches for a Given Input of a pattern?

a) CAT

b) Grep

c) Search

d) Sort

Ans. B

3. In which menu is Merge Cell command Available in Libreoffice Calc?

a) Format

b) Style

c) Sheet

d) Edit

Ans. A

4. /dev directory contains _____.

a) Device drivers

b) Device files

c) Kernel Modules of Device Drivers

d) None

Ans. B

5. Which Is The Correct Sequence Of Steps Required To Install Footer In Libreoffice Writer Document?
A) Insert > Footer > Default Style
B) Insert > Footer
C) Insert > Header And Footer > Footer > Default Style
D) Insert > Header And Footer > Footer
Ans: C)

6. How Many Of The Following Indian Banks Are Connected To The Swift Network?
A) 29   

B) 19   

C) 24   

D) 46
Ans: D)

7. Which Of The Following Shortcut Keys Would Be Useful To Use The ‘two Decimal Currency Format’ Option In Libreoffice Calc?

A) Ctrl + Shift + $

B) Ctrl + Shift + %

C) Ctrl + Shift + &

D) Ctrl + Shift + .

Ans: A)

8. Which Of The Following Is A File Print Command In Linux?
A) Ptr
B) Ipr
C) Iprm
D) None

Ans: B)

9. Which Of The Following Menu Option Is Used To Launch ‘spell Checker’ In Libreoffice Writer?

A) Tools > Automatic Spell Checking

B) Format > Automatic Spell Checking

C) Format > Spell Checking

D) Tools > Spell Checking

Ans: A)

10. What Is The Maximum Number Of Characters A Url Can Contain?
A) 63
B) 155
C) 255
D) 127
Ans: C)

11. Which Of The Following Command Is Used By Vi Editor To Remove Single Character?
A) A
B) Z
C) X
D) Y
Ans: C)

12. Computerization Of Land Records By Nic Is Widely Known As _______.
A) Bhoomi
B) Zameen
C) Clrs (Computerized Land Records System)
D) None

Ans: A)

13. Which Of The Following Commands Is Used In Vi Editor To Go Back To The Beginning Of A Word?
A) A
B) B
C) W
D) E
Ans: B)

14. Who Among The Following Is An ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
A) Wipro
B) Microsoft
C) Reliance
D) Tcs
Ans: C)

15. In Windows 10, Which Of The Following Devices Can Be Set Up By Selecting The Printer Option?
A) Printers & Scanners
B) Printer
C) Scanners
D) Bluetooth And Other Device
Ans: A)

16. Auto Filter Option In Which Of The Following Menus Of Libreoffice Calc?
A) Data
B) Format
C) Vu
D) Insert
Ans: A)

17. What will be the value of the following formula ‘=quotient(5, 2)’?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 2

D) 4

Ans: C)

18. Name Three Of The Following Options Which Are Available In Insert > Media Menu?
A) Clipart, Picture, Shapes     

B) Clipart, From File, Shapes
C) Group                                 

D) Gallery, Scan, Audio Or Video
Ans: D)

19. Which Of The Following Shortcut Key Is Used To Calculate In Libreoffice Calc?
A) F4   

B) F6   

C) F7   

D) F9
Ans: D)

20. Which Of The Following Is The Easiest Way To Apply Different Animations To Slides?
A) Apply Effects To The Custom Animation Text Pane
B) Apply Animation Scheme
C) Customize Bullets With Animated clipart
D) All Of The Above
Ans: B)

21. What Will Be The Value Of The Following Formula ‘=ceiling(120,11)’?
A) 99
B) 120
C) 121
D) 110
Ans: C)

22. Which Scheme Was Launched In 2016 By Rbi Governor Raghuram Rajan?
A) Upi
B) Otp
C) Qr Code
D) Neft
Ans: A)

23. Which Of The Following Hardware Architecture Is Not Supported By Red Hat?
A) Alpha
B) Macintosh
C) Sparc
D) Ibm-compatible
Ans:  B)

24. On Which Side Of The Status Bar Is The Page Number Displayed In A Document In Libreoffice Writer?
A) Center
B) Left
C) Right
D) None
Ans: B)

25. Lans Can Be Interconnected By Which Of The Following?
A) Hdlc                       

B) Tunnel
C) Hub            

D) Bridges
Ans: D) 

26. Which Of The Following Option Is Not Available Under The Style Menu Of Libreoffice Writer?
A) Heading 1              

B) Heading 3              

C) Heading 4              

D) Heading 2
Ans: C)

27. Rupay Debit Card Is Similar To Which Of The Following?
A) Singapore’s Nets
B) China’s Unionpay
C) Both
D) None
Ans: C)

28. The Maximum Font Size In Libreoffice Writer Is 90.
A) True
B) False
Ans: B)

29. There Are 11 Menus In Libreoffice Writer.
A) True
B) False
Ans: A)

30. We Can Record The Changes Made In The Libreoffice Calc Spreadsheet By Using The Record Option Of The Track Changes Sub Menu Of The Edit Menu.
A) True
B) False

Ans: A)

31. Which Of The Following Combination Is The Correct Combination Of E-wallet Components?
A) Hardware And Internet
B) Software And Information
C) Software And Hardware
D) Hardware And Information
Ans: c)

32. The U.s.s.d. At What Frequency Does It Work?
A) Radio Frequencies
B) Gsm Network
C) Cellular Network
D) None
Ans: b)

33. Which Of The Following Is The Default Cell Height In Libreoffice Calc?
A) 4.4 Inch
B) 0.45 Inch
C) 4.5 Cm
D) 0.45 Cm
Ans: d)

34. Which Of The Following Menu Option Is Used To Start The Spell Checker In Libreoffice Writer?
A) Format > Spell Checking
B) Tools > Spell Checking
C) Tools > Automatic Spell Checking
D) Format > Automatic Spell Checking
Ans: c)

35. What Is The Line Above The Word Called?
A) Upper Line
B) Over Line
C) Line Over Word
D) None
Ans: b)

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