ITI Training officer old Question Papers COPA 200 MCQ [PDF]

ITI training officer old question papers COPA MCQ PDF. Previous year MCQs with answers Download. These Questions we collect from MP PEB 2016 COPA Training officer question papers. These are the most important questions for ITI COPA instructor exam.

ITI Training Officer Old Question Papers MCQ COPA

1. ______ attribute holds the JavaScript version.

a) Language

b) Script

c) Version

d) None of these

Ans. A

2. Which of the following is a storage device?

a) Pen drives

b) Hard disk

c) CD’s

d) All of the above

Ans. D

3. ______ is used for identifying a unique row in a table.

a) Key

b) Query

c) Domain

d) Attribute

Ans. A

4. _______ is the most useful tool when working with windows.

a) Scanner

b) Mouse

c) Printer

d) Microphone

Ans. B

5. Ethernet and Token ring are types of _____

a) Abstract medium

b) LAN

c) Physical medium

d) Communication medium

Ans. B

4. Which virus is named after the wooden horse used by the Greek Army to conquer the city of Troy?

a) Trojan        

b) Black          

c) Avenger      

d) Worm

Ans. A

5. ______ is known as plastic money.

a) Smart card             

b) Credit card

c) SIM card                 

d) Memory card

Ans. A

6. The full form of TIFF is ___________.

a) Tool information File Formula

b) Tagging Indian File format

c) Tagging Image for file

d) Tagged image file format

Ans. D

7. Which of the following is NOT a type of list in HTML?

a) <ol>

b) <ul>

c) <rl>

d) <dl>

Ans. C

8. _______ is NOT an antivirus software.


b) McAfee

c) Avast

d) Avira

Ans. A

9. The concept of multiprogramming was introduced in the _____ generation of computers.

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth

Ans. C

10. What is the communication device which combines transmission from several devices into one channel called?

a) Converter

b) Modifier

c) Multiplexer

d) Full duplex file

Ans. C

11. The standard suit of protocol used by the internet is:

a) OSI             

b) HTTP          

c) SMTP          


Ans. D

12. A relation is a  _____

a) Row

b) One dimensional table

c) Two dimensional table

d) Multi dimensional table

Ans. C

13. In MS Word, what is used to replace a word with its synonym?

a) Thesaurus

b) Find & Replace

c) Copy & Paste

d) Find & Correct

Ans. A

14. The functional category NOT present in MS-Excel is …

a) Logical

b) Series

c) Financial

d) Text

Ans. B

15. In Excel, which function calculates the regular scheduled payment amount ?

a) AVG


c) PMT
d) PV

Ans. C

16. The disk that is used to cold boot a PC is _______.

a) ROM disk

b) System disk

c) Diagnostic disk

d) Problem disk

Ans. B

17. Which of the following is NOT a numeric data?

a) Employee address             

b) Examination score

c) Bank balance                     

d) Employee numbers

Ans. A

18. ______ is NOT an operating system.

a) DOS            

b) Linux          

c) Windows    

d) Oracle

Ans. D

19. Example for Simple communication is _______

a) keyboard and traditional monitor

b) Telephone and mobile phone

c) Walkie talkies

d) Tow way data link system

Ans. A

20. The instructions available during bootup are stored in ________

a) RAM

b) CPU



Ans. C

21. In Excel, the function that displays row data in a column or vice versa is _________.

a) Merge

b) Transpose

c) Gateway

d) Statistical

Ans. B

22. What is the spacing between the lines in the MS Word called?

a) Vertical spacing

b) Double-space

c) Single space

d) Line spacing

Ans. D

23. Which of the following is NOT a storage device?

a) Plotters

b) Hard disk drive

c) Pen drive

d) CD

Ans. A

24. ______ is NOT a type of topology.

a) Star            

b) Ring            

c) Square        

d) BUS

Ans. C

25. Which of the following is the fastest media of data transfer?

a) Fiber optic                          

b) Untwisted wire

c) Twister pair wires              

d) Co-axial cables

Ans. A

26. Which software is needed to boot the computer?

a) Operating system

b) Loader

c) MS Office

d) Application program

Ans. A

27. The maximum storage capacity of the DVD is __________

a) 4.7 GB

b) 5.7 GB

c) 6.7 GB

d) 3.7 GB

Ans. A

28. In SQL, grant is a _________ command.

a) DDL

b) DCL

c) DML

d) DTL

Ans. B

29. Which command in Linux is used to change the access permission to the file or directory?

a) Ch per

b) Ch mod

c) Ls

d) Grep

Ans. B

30. Web pages reside in ____.

a) Web browser

b) Web server

c) Web link

d) Web security

Ans. B

31. What measures the output quality of printer?

a) dot per cm                         

b) dot per inch

c) dots printed per unit          

d) dots per paper

Ans. B

32. Which is the shortcut key to add a new slide in Power point?

a) Ctrl + M     

b) Ctrl + N      

c) Ctrl + S       

d) Alt + N

Ans. A

33. _______ memory is allocated during runtime.

a) Static

b) Dynamic

c) Partitioned

d) Contiguous

Ans. B

34. _______ is the biggest heading in HTML.

a) <h2>

b) <9>

c) <h6>

d) <h1>

Ans. D

35. MS-DOS is a _______ operating system

a) Point and click

b) User friendly

c) Command driven

d) Macintosh

Ans. C

36. What is meant by dedicated computer?

a) It is used for a particular task or set of tasks

b) Uses an application software

c) Uses only one kind of software

d) Many tasks can be done

Ans. A

37.In visual basic, keywords are words that

a) have special meaning and should not be used when naming identifier

b) should be used when naming identifier

c) are used for naming button, label etc.

d) are used in objects

Ans. A

38. Which of the following is a way of storing the partitioning information on a drive?

a) BBR            

b) LEBR           

c) MBR                       


Ans. C

39. In Excel, the contents of the active cell is displayed in ______

a) Footer bar              

b) Tool bar

c) Task bar                 

d) Formula bar

Ans. D

40. Which is the network that needs human being to manually route signals?

a) Fiber optical network

b) T-switched network

c) Bus network

d) Ring network

Ans. B

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