COPA Apprentice exam Questions and answers [PDF]

COPA Apprentice exam Questions and answers

ATS COPA Apprentice exam Questions and answers pdf download free for 2022-23 theory AITT Question Paper preparation. These MCQs asked in previous years 109th All India Trade Test Exam.

1. CMS in web content stands for _______.

a) Content Management System

b) Content Maintenance System

c) Content Management Symbol

d) Client Management System

Ans. a

2. A compiler converts source code to ______ code.

a) executable machine code

b) source code

c) mnemonic code

d) key code

Ans. a

3. ______ is the name for online description of a product.

a) Online catalogue

b) Offline catalogue

c) Printed catalogue

d) Handwritten catalogue

Ans. a

4. What is correct about accounting for monetary transactions?

a) Recording

b) Tallying

c) Verification

d) All of these

Ans. d

5. Which card cannot be used for cash withdrawal?

a) ATM card

b) Charge

c) Debit card

d) credit card

Ans. b

6. Example of an online marketplace is/are:-

a) eBay

b) Flipkart

c) Snapdeal

d) All of these

Ans. d

7. E-Commerce may be carried out using _____ modes.

a) SMS or phone conversation

b) Web

c) email

d) All of these

Ans. d

8. The default period of loan for a credit card holder is ____ days.

a) 55

b) 56

c) 57

d) 58

Ans. a

9. Which of the following is a common Payment Gateway used for online transactions?

a) CCAvenue

b) BillDesk

c) PaySeal

d) All of these

Ans. d

10. The _____ operator returns 1 if at least one of the bits is 1.

a) OR

b) NOT
c) XOR

d) AND

Ans. a

11. The main advantage of computer is:

a) speed

b) large storage capacity

c) creating programs for new jobs

d) All of these

Ans. d

12. ______ function in VBA Creates a custom error message.

a) CVErr

b) InputBox

c) MsgBox

d) Format

Ans. a

13. The input to _____ is called source program.

a) Assembler

b) Compiler

c) Translitor

d) Decoder

Ans. a

14. In Tally, which key is used for purchase voucher?

a) F9

b) F10

c) F4

d) F8

Ans. a

15. A function begins with ____ keyword.

a) Function

b) return

c) first

d) End function

Ans. a

16. VBA IDE में प्रॉपर्टी विंडो को कैसे प्रदर्शित किया जा सकता है ?

a) Choosing view > properties

b) Pressing Alt+V+W

c) Pressing F4

d) All of these

Ans. d

17. VBA has a coding, compilation, running and debugging environment called _____.

a) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

b) Editor

c) Highlighter

d) Compiler

Ans. a

18. RAD in the design application stands for _______.

a) Rapid Application Development

b) Real Application Development

c) Rapid Analysis Development

d) Ready Application Development

Ans. a

19. IDE stands for _____

a) Integrated Development Environment

b) Internal Development Environment

c) Integrated Design Environment

d) Integrated Drafting Environment

Ans. a

20. ______ is the shortcut to display properties window in VBA IDE.

a) F4

b) F5

c) F2

d) F1

Ans. a

21. MS Excel creates ______ to execute VBA code.

a) virtual machine

b) real time computer

c) mobile computer

d) tablet computer

Ans. a

22. text document file has extension of ______.

a) .odt

b) .ods

c) .odg

d) .odp

Ans. a

23. Boolean data type in VBA has size of _______.

a) 2 bytes

b) 1 byte

c) 4 bytes

d) 3 bytes

Ans. a

24. _______ function in VBA returns today’s date.  

a) Date




Ans. a

25. _______ function in VBA returns current time.

a) NOW




Ans. a

26. The ______ operator in VBA returns 1 only if both bits are 1.

a) AND

b) OR

c) NOT

d) XOR

Ans. a

27. Which of the following loop is available in VBA?

a) For and While

b) Do While and Do until

c) For each

d) All of these

Ans. a

28. ______ function in VBA displays a message box.

a) MsgBox

b) Box

c) Message

d) InputBox

Ans. a

29. VBA permits _____ of data from spreadsheets.

a) reading

b) writing

c) both reading and writing

d) neither reading nor writing

Ans. c

30. A function ends with _______ statement.

a) End function

b) Function

c) return

d) End

Ans. a

31. VBA supports ______ keyword for access control.

a) Private

b) Public

c) Both Private and Public

d) Neither Private nor public

Ans. c

32. Which of the following accounting types is supported by Tally?

a) Cash

b) inventory

c) payroll

d) All of these

Ans. d

33. What is correct about accounting for monetary transactions?

a) Recording

b) Tallying

c) Verification

d) All of these

Ans. d

34. ______ account debits the receiver and credits the giver.

a) Personal

b) Nominal

c) Verification

d) Real

ans. a

35. In PowerPoint, table can be inserted using ______ menu.

a) Insert > Tables

b) Insert > Images

c) Insert > Illustrations

d) Insert > Links

Ans. a

36. खाता शीट के पहले 4 कॉलम का उपयोग _____ रिकॉर्डिंग के लिए किया जाता है |

a) Debit

b) Credit

c) Income

d) Expense

Ans. a

37. Accounting transactions are related to which of the following?

a) Income/expense

b) Asset/liability

c) Inventory

d) All of these

Ans. d

38. The method of recording debit and credit sides separated by a line is nicknamed as ______ accounting.

a) T

b) U

c) V

d) W

Ans. a

39. _____ account debits expense and credits the income.

a) Nominal

b) Personal

c) Real

d) Verification

Ans. a

40. Purchase, storage and disposal of stock is called _____ management.

a) Stock

b) Account

c) Reorder

d) Cash

Ans. a

41. VAT stands for _____ in taxation.

a) Value added tax

b) Value amount tax

c) Visual Added tax

d) Value asset tax

Ans. a

42. In Powerpoint, drawing for use in the presentation may be created using _____ menu.

a) Home > Drawing

b) Home > Font

c) Home > Slide

d) Home > Paragraph

Ans. a

43. Tally can provide ______ to each company.

a) Password security

b) no security

c) barrier

d) wrapper

Ans. a

44. ____ is the shortcut to set date in Tally.

a) F6

b) F4

c) F5

d) F2

Ans. d

45. Which of the following is a current asset?

a) Cash

b) Inventories

c) Receivables

d) All of these

Ans. d

46. In Tally, which key is used for purchase voucher?

a) F9

b) F10

c) F4

d) F8

Ans. a

47. In Double entry, income is always _____.

a) Credited

b) Increased

c) Debited

d) Not changed

Ans. a

48. Which parties are involved in electronic billing?

a) Billers

b) Bankers

c) Consolidators

d) All of these

Ans. d

49. A set of instructions is called _____.

a) Program

b) Software

c) Sequence

d) Programming language

Ans. a

50. In Ms Word, mail merge result may be printed using ______ menu.

a) Mailing > Print documents

b) Mailing > Edit Individual Documents

c) Mailing > Preview Results (Alt + M + P)

d) Mailing > Send E-Mail Messages

Ans. a

51. When windows loads during installation, ____ is to be chosen first.

a) keyboard layout

b) language selection for installation

c) keyboard layout and language selection for installation both

d) RAM

Ans. c

52. A CPU holds the instruction in _______.

a) Instruction register

b) Index register

c) Program counter

d) Entry register

Ans. a

53. The input to _______ is called source program.

a) Assembler

b) Compiler

c) Translator

d) Decoder

Ans. a

54. Process of turning off of a computer is called ____.

a) Cold booting

b) Warm booting

c) Shutdown

d) Swiching

Ans. c

55. In MS Word, choosing number of columns per page in possible through ___.

a) Page Layout > Columns

b) Page Layout > Page setup (Alt + P + SP)

c) Page Layout > Water mark

d) Page layout > Page color

Ans. a

56. What is the logo used for LINUX?

a) Tux

b) Debian

c) Linux trobalds

d) None of these

Ans. a

57. To be able to change the directory, you need ______.

a) Execute permission

b) Read permission

c) Write permission

d) None of these

Ans. a

58. In MS Word, selecting page size, margins and paper orientation is possible through ______.

a) Page layout > page setup (Alt + P + SP)

b) Page layout > Water Mark

c) Page layot > Page color

d) Page layout > columns

Ans. a

59. ROM stands for:-

a) Read Only Memory

b) Random Ordinary Memory

c) Read Ordinary memory

d) Read Only Mail

Ans. a

60. Primary boot process is also called _____.

a) Loading of operating system

b) Installation

c) Formatting

d) Post

Ans. a

61. In booting of computer, POST is expanded as:-

a) Power On self Test

b) Disk Defragmenting

c) Formatting

d) Scandisk

Ans. a

62. Full form of BIOS:-

a) Basic Input Output System

b) Bare Input Output System

c) Basic Intermediate Operating System

d) Banned Input Output System

Ans. a

63. एक अच्छी तरह से डिफाइंड डेटाबेस में, डेटाबेस, टेबल और कॉलम के नाम में स्पेस ______ |

a) होता है

b) हो सकता है

c) नहीं होना चाहिए

d) होना चाहिए

उत्तर – c

64. MySQL, is the _______ database management tool.

a) Professional

b) Open source

c) Outdated

d) Unsuitable

Ans. b

65. New database created in MS Access has got a default table named ______.

a) Table1

b) Database1

c) Column1

d) Row1

Ans. a

66. Inserting data and modifying values in previously inserted data in tables of a database is called ______.

a) data update

b) data retrieval

c) data definition

d) database administration

Ans. a

67. Querying and selecting data from a table is called _____.

a) data retrieval

b) data definition

c) database administration

d) data update

Ans. a

68. Defining the users, passwords and roles for users to control a database is called _____.

a) database administration

b) data update

c) data retrieval

d) data definition

Ans. a

69. Relational database model was proposed by ______.

a) Edgar F. Codd

b) Bill Gates

c) Steve Jobs

d) Dennis Ritchie

Ans. a

70. ODMG stands for ______.

a) Object Data Management Group

b) Object Digital Management Group

c) Object Data Maintenance Group

d) Object Data management General

Ans. a

71. Object oriented databases are based on the concept of ______, similar to object oriented programming.

a) objects

b) table

c) column

d) SQL

Ans. a

72. A key which is unique to a table is called _____.

a) Primary key

b) Unique

c) Foreign key

d) Master key

Ans. a

73. In MS Access, a macro can be activated by pressing _____ button.

a) Run

b) Form

c) Table

d) Report

Ans. a

74. SQL stands for _____.

a) Structured Query language

b) Simplified Query Language

c) Structured Question language

d) Synchronized Query Language

Ans. a

75. DBMS stands for _____.

a) Database Management System

b) Database Management Syntax

c) Database Managecent System

d) Digital Management Systam

Ans. a

76. _____ is used to quickly retrieve information from a database.

a) Index

b) View

c) Table

d) Queue

Ans. a

77. Which of the following data type is used to perform mathematical calculations?

a) Numeric

b) Alphabetic

c) Character

d) None of these

Ans. a

78. A field that have only two values True/False is _____.

a) Yes/No

b) Numeric

c) Auto number

d) Zero number

Ans. a

79. Which variable can be defined everywhere in your code?

a) Global

b) Local

c) Script

d) General

Ans. a

80. _____ refers to collection, storage, manipulation, reporting and mining of available information.

a) Database management

b) Presentation

c) Charting

d) Document preparation

Ans. a

81. Oracle, SAP HANA, MySQL and SQLite are the most popular _____ tools.

a) database management

b) image editing

c) document typesetting

d) graphics & animation

Ans. a

82. WordPress need to be copied to ______ to start creating a website.

a) root directory of the web server

b) Downloads

c) Pictures

d) Documents

Ans. a

83. SSL stands for _____.

a) Secure Socket Layer

b) Secure Searching Layer

c) Second Socket Layer

d) Secure Socket link

Ans. a

84. Joomla is a Content Management System based on scripting language _____.

a) PHP

b) Python

c) Ruby

d) Perl

Ans. a

85. CMS in web content stands for _____.

a) Content Management system

b) Content Maintenance System

c) Content Management Symbol

d) Client Management System

Ans. a

86. WordPress, Apache Roller, OpenCMS, Dot CMS, Drupal, etc. are some of the _____ software packages.

a) open source

b) Professional

c) escrow source

d) restricted

Ans. a

87. Frontpage is a tool for _____.

a) web page creation

b) web page editing

c) both web page creating and web page editing

d) neither web page creation nor web page editing

Ans. c

88. DHTML stands for _____.

a) Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

b) Dynamic Hyper Text Machine Language

c) Drastic Hyper Text Markup Language

d) Dynamic Higher Text Markup language

Ans. a

89. KompoZer is a ____ tool.

a) web page creation

b) web page editing

c) both web page creation and web page editing

d) neither web page creation nor web page editing

Ans. c

90. Port number _____ handles HTTP communications.

a) 80

b) 443

c) 25

d) 20

Ans. a

91. DOM stands for _____.

a) Document Object Model

b) Different Object Model

c) Dynamic Object Model

d) Document Offset Model

Ans. a

92. Scripting languages like Javascript, VBScript, etc. executed by a browser are called _____ side scripts.

a) client

b) server

c) way

d) unrelated

Ans. a

93. The command to invoke power point from command line is _____.

a) powerpnt

b) power

c) point

d) msppt

Ans. a

94. In Powerpoint, font for presentation may be chosen from ____ menu.

a) Design > Themes

b) Home > Font

c) Home > Slides

d) Home > Paragraph

Ans. b

95. Which of the following is an important property of images?

a) Colour

b) Width

c) Height

d) All of these

Ans. d

96. TIFF is more suitable for ______ than for digital photography.

a) Digital printing

b) Digital drawing

c) Digital video

d) Digital audio

Ans. a

97. The client of a web server uses for display of the page _____.

a) web browser

b) word processor

c) spreadsheet

d) power point

Ans. a

98. CSS in web scripting stands for ______.

a) Cascading Style sheet

b) Cascading system sheet

c) Crisp Style sheet

d) Cascading Style Set

Ans. a

99. Web pages are designed primarily in ______.


b) Basic

c) C ++

d) Fortran

Ans. a

100. The software used for viewing web pages is called _____.

a) Browser

b) Word Processor

c) Spreadsheet

d) Power point

Ans. a

101. Web pages which interact with user are called _____HTML pages.

a) dynamic

b) internal

c) external

d) static

Ans. a

102. W3C (the international body for web standards) stands for _____.

a) world wide web consortium

b) world wide water consortium

c) write wide web consortium

d) world wide web condition

Ans. a

103. The portion of script code (written in Javascript/VBscript) executed inside a browser is called _____ side scripting.

a) client

b) right

c) left

d) server

Ans. a

104. CMOS is a type of _____.

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) DVD

d) CD

Ans. a

105. The third generation of computers used _____.

a) Integrated Circuits

b) Transistors

c) Vaccum Tubes

d) Microprocessor

Ans. a

106. The fourth generation of computers used _____.

a) Vacuum Tubes

b) Transistors

c) Integrated Circuits

d) Microprocessor

Ans. d

107. The longest/largest button on keyboard is _____.

a) space bar

b) enter

c) backspace

d) tab

Ans. a

108. TFT is expanded as _____.

a) Thin Film transistor

b) Technology film Transistor

c) Technology Film Transmission

d) Technology Ferm Transistor

Ans. a

109. Mechanical calculator was invented by ______.

a) John Napier

b) Edmund Gunter

c) Blaise Pascal

d) Charles Babbage

Ans. c

110. The _____ keys can move the cursor up, down, left or right.

a) num lock

b) arrow

c) scroll lock

d) Esc

Ans. b

111. Which device is a combination of magnetic and paper media?


b) OCR

c) MCR

d) None of these

Ans. a

112. What is the full form of GIF?

a) Graphics interchange format

b) Graphics international format

c) Group of international Friends

d) Graphics Indian format

Ans. a

113. PNG in digital imaging stands for _____.

a) Portable Network Graphics

b) Portable Number Graphics

c) Portable Network Grayscale

d) Palate Network Graphics

Ans. a

114. It is a feature to remove selected text or graphics from a document:-

a) Cut

b) Delete

c) Remove

d)  All of these

Ans. d

115. A clipboard is a temporary storage used to store _____.

a) Cut/Copy data

b) Files

c) Folders

d) Videos

Ans. a

116. Computer servers are used in which of the following field?

a) Tracking of consignments

b) Online reservation of tickets

c) E-commerce

d) all of these

Ans. d

117. Computer networks in the form of LAN, WAN, MAN and the Internet help in:-

a) Transactions of information

b) Sharing of information

c) Transactions of e-commerce

d) All of these

Ans. d

118. The main advantage of computer is:-

a) speed

b) large storage capacity

c) creating programs for new jobs

d) All of these

Ans. d

119. A collection of computers used for online data storage through the Internet is called:-

a) Cloud computer

b) Main frame computer

c) Micro computer

d) Laptop

Ans. a

120. Which of the following is present in a computer?

a) Input unit

b) Central Processing Unit (CPU)

c) Output unit

d) All of these

Ans. d

121. Keyboard, mouse, scanner, stylus, light pen, etc. are classified under ______.

a) Input unit

b) Central processing unit (CPU)

c) output unit

d) Software

Ans. a

122. Monitor (VDU), printer, plotter, etc. are classified under _____.

a) output unit

b) input unit

c) central processing unit (CPU)

d) software

Ans. a

123. Graphical representation of the flow of program is called _____.

a) Flowchart

b) Source code

c) algorithm

d) Executable code

Ans. a

124. The standard interfaces provided by a browser for interaction with program script is called _____.

a) Browser Object Model

b) Browser Opening Model

c) Brown Object Model

d) Browser Object Mission

Ans. a

125. The sequence of steps taken to solve a problem is called ____.

a) algorithm

b) explanation

c) steps

d) item

Ans. a

126. The circle symbol denotes ____ operation in flowchart.

a) Continuation/Connector

b) source code

c) output/input

d) start/end

Ans. a

127. The oval symbol denotes ______ operation in flowchart.

a) start/end

b) continuation/connector

c) input/output

d) flow direction

Ans. a

128. Special characters are otherwise called ______.

a) escape sequences

b) invalid characters

c) wrong characters

d) constants

Ans. a

129. ______ denotes backspace in Javascript.

a) b

b) t

c) n

d) v

Ans. a

130. ______ function in Javascript returns length of a string.

a) length()

b) charCodeAt()

c) charAt()

d) concat()

Ans. a

131. _____ denotes the bitwise AND operator in Javascript.

a) &

b) !

c) ~

d) ^

Ans. a

132. ______ denotes the bitwise NOT operator in Javascript.

a) ~

b) &

c) !

d) ^

Ans. a

133. In JavaScript _____ keyword denotes beginning of a function.

a) function

b) break

c) label

d) continue

Ans. a

134. BOM stands for ____.

a) Browser Object Model

b) Browser Opening Model

c) Brown Object Model

d) Browser Object Mission

Ans. a

135. Which of the following actions MS Excel can do for a given data?

a) Sort

b) Statistically

c) Draw graphs

d) All of these

Ans. d

136. In MS Excel, the common type of data applicable to any cell is called ___.

a) General

b) Number

c) Currency

d) Text

Ans. a

137. The formula =A5*5 is written in _____ system.

a) static

b) semi-relative

c) relative

d) unstatic

Ans. c

138. _____ is the keyboard shortcut for paste operation.

a) Ctrl + X

b) Ctrl + V

c) Ctrl + C

d) Ctrl + K

Ans. b

139. Which of the following keys are used to create the new document?

a) Ctrl + N

b) Ctrl + O

c) Ctrl + S

d) Ctrl + V

Ans. a

140. In, spreadsheet can be prepared using ______ application.

a) calc

b) writer

c) draw

d) impress

Ans. a

141. The vertical orientation of page layout is known as ______.

a) Portrait

b) Landscape

c) Header

d) Footer

Ans. a

142. Which bar displays the name of the document and program?

a) Title bar

b) Tool bar

c) Menu bar

d) All of these

Ans. a

143. ______ is the keyboard shortcut for cut operation.

a) Ctrl + X

b) Ctrl + V

c) Ctrl + C

d) Ctrl + K

Ans. a

144. Using chart wizard, you can quickly and easily turn your _______.

a) Data into charts

b) Charts into data

c) Chars into results

d) Results into Charts

Ans. a

145. A single row or a single column of a data is known as _____.

a) Data series

b) Data record

c) Data legend

d) Single value

Ans. a

146. To start creating new presentation from already saved presentation, select ________.

a) Existing presentation

b) Blank presentation

c) Design template

d) Existing presentation and Blank presentation both

Ans. a

147. The extension of Microsoft powerpoint presentation file is _____.

a) .ppt

b) .pdf

c) .doc

d) .xls

Ans. a

148. To go to the previous slide press ______.

a) Up arrow

b) Down arrow

c) Right arrow

d) Enter key

Ans. a

149. To begin the slide show presentation, press ______.

a) F5

b) F10

c) F11

d) Ctrl + S

Ans. a

150. Most of the wired network connections use ______.

a) Optical Fibre Cable

b) USB Cable

c) Pen drive

d) Hard drive

Ans. a

151. When 2 devices are connected through a dedicated line, it is _____ topology.

a) point to point

b) Bus

c) Star

d) ring

Ans. a

152. The intermediary host which communicates with the clients on behalf of a another server is called ______.

a) proxy server

b) Ethernet

c) firewall

d) WiFi

Ans. a

153. The device used to transfer data from one network to another network on the Internet is called.

a) Router

b) Switch

c) Hub


Ans. a

154. Port No. _____ is reserved for telnet protocol.

a) 7

b) 13

c) 20

d) 23

Ans. d

155. Connecting several computers and devices using wired or wireless technology is called _____.

a) Networking

b) Ram

c) Hard disk

d) Pen drive

Ans. a

156. WiFi stands for ____.

a) Wireless Fidelity

b) Wired Fidelity

c) Wireless Field

d) Wired field

Ans. a

157. Computers and devices can be connected using ______ technology to create a network.

a) Wired

b) Wireless

c) both wired and wireless

d) Gateway

Ans. c

158. MODEM stands for _____.

a) MODulation DEModulation

b) MODem

c) MODerate DEModulation

d) MODulation DEMocracy

Ans. a

159. A network connection requires _______ important components to connect to each other.

a) IP address

b) Port Number

c) Both IP address and Port Number

d) Lan

Ans. c

160. A program which runs in the background and sends results requested by a client is called a _____.

a) server

b) Ethernet

c) Firewall

d) WiFi

Ans. a

161. The design adopted for connecting several hosts on a network is called ______.

a) Topology

b) Telephony

c) Wiring

d) Connection

Ans. a

162. Firewall can _____.

a) Deny access to specific sites

b) Allow access to only white listed sites

c) Both deny access to specific sites and allow access to only white listed sites

d) Neither deny access to specific sites nor allow access to only white listed sites

Ans. c

163. When all nodes are connected to a central hub, then it is  a _____.

a) Star topology

b) Bus Topology

c) Ring Topology

d) Point to point topology

Ans. a

164. MODEM is a device used for converting ______.

a) digital signal to analog

b) analog signal to digital

c) Both digital signal to analog and analog signal to digital

d) Neither digital signal to analog nor analog signal to digital

Ans. c

165. Firewall can be implemented through _______.

a) Hardware

b) Software

c) Hardware and software both


Ans. c

166. The network established using Bluetooth technology is called a _____.

a) Personal Area Network (PAN)

b) Local Area Network (LAN)

c) Wide Area Network (WAN)

d) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Ans. a

167. The first layer of the OSI model is ______ layer and it controls transmission of bits of data.

a) physical

b) data link

c) network

d) transport

Ans. a

168. TCP stands for ______.

a) Transmission Control Protocol

b) Transmission Control Procedure

c) Transit Control Protocol

d) Transmission Convergence Protocol

Ans. a

169. The second part of email address identify as _____ .

a) name of the email server

b) name of the mobile phone operator

c) name of bank

d) name of individual user

Ans. a

170. Data transfer rate for LAN is normally _____.

a) 1- 100 mbps

b) 1-10 mbps

c) 1-2 mbps

d) 10-20 mbps

Ans. a

171. Which of the following is not a windows e-mail programs?

a) Power Point

b) Outlook

c) Pegasus

d) Eudora

Ans. a

172. Which device is used for modulation and demodulation?

a) Modem

b) Module

c) Demodule

d) Adapter

Ans. a

173. What is the full form of NFS?

a) Network file system

b) Network folder system

c) National folder system

d) National fie system

Ans. a

174. What is the full form of ATM?

a) Automated teller machines

b) Any time money

c) All time money

d) Automated timer machines

Ans. a

175. Which of the following operating system is better for implementing a Client-Server network?

a) Windows 95

b) Windows 96

c) Windows 97

d) Windows 3.1

Ans. a

176. Which of the following windows do not have start button?

a) Windows 8

b) Windows 7

c) Windows vista

d) Windows XP

Ans. a

177. How to reboot windows operating system?

a) Ctrl + Alt + del

b) ctrl + del

c) Ctrl + alt + shift

d) ctrl + alt

Ans. a

178. How to delete program/files permanently in windows operating system?

a) shift + del

b) shift + ctrl

c) shift + alt

d) shift + enter

Ans. a

179. Operating system uses a special software called _____ to initialize, operate and control hardware.

a) Conductor

b) Ethernet

c) Driver


Ans. c

180. The shortcut visible on the Desktop of windows are called _____.

a) clipboard

b) desktop icons

c) download icons

d) document icons

Ans. b

181. _____ command displays volume label of given drive.

a) VER

b) DIR

c) CLS

d) VOL

Ans. d

182. _____ Linux command creates a new directory.

a) Is

b) chmod

c) mkdir

d) rmdir

Ans. c

183. _____ MS DOS command compares two files and reports any differences.





Ans. d

184. “ITALIC” is an example of _______.

a) Typestyle

b) Typeface

c) Typesize

d) Typecolour

Ans. a

185. FAT stands for:-

a) File allocation table

b) File access table

c) File activity table

d) File accommodation table

Ans. a

186. How will you capture an active window?

a) Alt + PrtScn

b) Alt + P

c) Ctrl + C

d) Ctrl + A

Ans. a

187. Adding a program to the taskbar is referred as:-

a) Pinning

b) Adding

c) Fixing

d) Joining

Ans. a

188. “BOLD” is an example of ______.

a) Typestyle

b) Typeface

c) Typesize

d) Typecolour

Ans. a

189. MS Dos stands for:-

a) Microsoft disk operating system

b) Micro Second disk operating syste

c) Microsoft dirty operating system

d) Microsoft disk opening system

Ans. a

190. MS DOS executable files normally have extension.

a) .EXE

b) .BAT

c) .COM

d) All of these

Ans. a

191. To clear screen contents, ______ command is used.

a) CLS

b) VER

c) DIR

d) VOL

Ans. a

192. Which of command displays the list of files and directories.

a) DIR

b) VER

c) CLS

d) VOL

Ans. a

193. _______ Linux command creates a new directory.

a) mkdir

b) chmod

c) rmdir

d) Is

Ans. a

194. ______ Linux command removes given directory.

a) rmdir

b) IS

c) mkdir

d) chmod

Ans. a

195. _____ Linux command changes the access mode of a file.

a) chmod

b) rmdir

c) IS

d) mkdir

Ans. a

196. Javascript and VBScript are examples of _____ based scripting languages.

a) browser

b) compiler

c) MS office

d) interpreter

Ans. a

197. Human readable program is called ______.

a) Source code

b) human code

c) key code

d) machine code

Ans. a

198. A compiler converts surce code to _____ code.

a) executable machine code

b) source code

c) mnemonic code

d) key code

Ans. a

199. The rules to be followed in writing source code are called _____ of a programming language.

a) Syntax

b) law

c) syntax error

d) bugs

Ans. a

200. The special program which executes source code one line (or few lines) at a time is called ____.

a) Interpreter

b) Linker

c) Loader

d) Compiler

Ans. a

201. Which of the following programming can be done by Javascript?

a) game development

b) desktop application & mobile apps

c) client side browser

d) All of these

Ans. d

202. Javascript language is identified by the parameter language ______ .

a) “Javascript”

b) “vbscript”

c) “vba”

d) “java”

Ans. a

203. ______ event is gets activated when a component is clicked.

a) onclick

b) onfocus

c) onblur

d) onerror

Ans. a

204. _____ event gets activated when a key moves down.

a) onkeydown

b) onkeyup

c) onkeypress

d) onmouseover

Ans. a

205. ______ is the Javascript data type to handle numbers.

a) Number

b) String

c) Boolean

d) null

Ans. a

206. ______ is the Javascript data type to handle objects.

a) Object

b) Number

c) Boolean

d) null

Ans. a

207. Which statement is used to exit a loop early?

a) Break

b) Continue

c) Exit

d) Delete

Ans. a

208. Which function is used to retrieve data from a cookie?

a) ReadCookie

b) RetrieveCookie

c) GetCookie

d) FindCookie

Ans. a

209. In which year vb 6.0 version was launched?

a) 1991

b) 1994

c) 1996

d) 1998

Ans. a

210. The first procedure-oriented language was _____.




d) ADA

Ans. a

210. Which one of the following is not an integer data type?

a) Single

b) Byte

c) Short

d) Integer

Ans. a

211. What is the standard prefix for a menu item?

a) mnu.

b) men.

c) meu.

d) mni.

Ans. a

212. An image is made of small dots called ____.

a) pixel

b) dot

c) point

d) line

Ans. a

213. In MS Word, format painter may be accessed using the shortcut ______.

a) Alt + H + FP

b) Alt + H + X

c) Alt + H + C

d) Alt + H + V

Ans. a

214. _____ is the shortcut to create envelops using mailings menu in MS word.

a) Alt + M + E

b) Alt + M + L

c) Alt + M + S

d) Alt + M + R

Ans. a

215. After opening a new document in MS Word, what should do to create a comfortable experience?

a) Set paper size

b) Set font size

c) Set paragraph spacing, line spacing

d) All of these

Ans. d

216. In MS Office, _____ is the software for preparation of letters.

a) MS Excel

b) MS Access

c) MS Word

d) MS Powerpoint

Ans. c

217. In MS Office, _____ is the software for preparation of documents.

a) MS Word

b) MS Excel

c) MS Powerpoint

d) MS Access

Ans. a

218. In MS Office ____ is the software for preparation of spreadsheets.

a) MS Excel

b) MS Access

c) Ms Word

d) MS power point

Ans. a

219. In MS Word, spelling  mistakes are high-lighted by ____.

a) red underline

b) bold text

c) yellow underline

d) italic text

Ans. a

220. In MS Office _____ is the software for managing emails.

a) MS Outlook

b) MS Access

c) MS Publisher

d) MS Onenote

Ans. a

221. The default extension for an MS Word document is _____.

a) .docx

b) .dosx

c) .dosc

d) .docs

Ans. a

222. To select Print item in MS office menu, use ____ shortcut.

a) Ctrl + P

b) Alt + F + P

c) Both Ctrl + P and Alt + F + P

d) Ctrl + S

Ans. c

223. _____ is the shortcut for Mailing menu in MS Word.

a) Alt + M

b) Alt + R

c) Alt + H

d) Alt + S

Ans. a

224. In MS Word, justified alignment of paragraph may be assessed using the shortcut ___.

a) Ctrl + J

b) Ctrl + L

c) Ctrl + E

d) Ctrl + R

Ans. a

225. New Ms Word window may be opened using _____ shortcut in MS Word.

a) Ctrl + N

b) Ctrl + M

c) Alt + W + S

c) Alt + W + B

Ans. a

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