DRDO Previous Year Computer Question [1000 MCQs E-Book Free Download]

DRDO Previous year Computer Question for CEPTAM 10 exam paper preparation with PDF Download (1000 MCQs E-Book Free). These MCQs collected from old Question papers like: DRDO CURDE, DRDO GTRE, ISRO, IOF, RRB, CRPF, ITI COPA, SSC, SBI, RBI, UPPCL and other exams.

DRDO Previous Year Computer Question

1. Which of the following program is not a utility? [DRDO GTRE 2017]

a) Editor

b) Debugger

c) Spooler

d) None of these

Ans. c

2. A Common LED is made up of – [DRDO 2008]

a) Intrinsic Semiconductor

b) Direct Semiconductor

c) Degenerate semiconductor

d) Indirect Semiconductor

Ans. b

3. GSM system uses TDMA with – [DRDO 2008]

a) 32 users per channel                

b) 16 users per channel

c) 8 users per channel                   

d) 4 users per channel

Ans. c

4. In the register indirect addressing mode of 8085 microprocessor, data is stored – [DRDO 2008]

a) At the address contained in the register pair

b) In the register pair

c) In the accumulator

d) In a fixed location of the memory

Ans. a

5. The multiple access communication scheme in which each user is allocated the full available channel spectrum for a specific duration of time is known as – [DRDO 2008]





Ans. a

6. Thermal printer uses _____ coated paper, which turns black when heat is applied. [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Chromium

b) Bisphenol-A

c) Nickel

d) Toner powder

Ans. b

7. Natural language understanding is used in: [DRDO CURDE 2017]

a) natural language interfaces

b) natural language front ends

c) text understanding systems

d) all of the above

Ans. d

8. The device used in the third generation computers is _____ (DRDO GTRE 2017)

a) Vacuum tubes

b) Transistors

c) Integrated Circuit


Ans. c

9. Which of the following GUI component user should choose one or more options from one set allow? [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Radio Button

b) Dropdown list

c) Check box

d) Text Box

Ans. c

10. Which of the following/statement are correct? (DRDO, CVRDE 2017)

(i) Access to primary memory is more than the access time of secondary memory.

(ii) For the same storage capacity, DRAM is cheaper than SRAM.

a) only (i)

b) Both (i) and (ii)

c) Only (ii)

d) Both are wrong

Ans. c

11. Which of the following is an example of High speed microprocessor? (DRDO GTRE 2017)

a) Pentium

b) C.D. Rom

c) Keyboard

d) Printer

Ans. a

12. _____ gave stored program concept in which program and data to be processed are stored in the same memory. [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) John Von Neumann

b) Alan Turing

c) Charles Babbage

d) Bill Gates

Ans. a

13. In a desktop computer the board containing micro-processor, RAM and other components is called ______ board. (DRDO GTRE 2017)

a) Graphics

b) Motherboard

c) White

d) Black

Ans. b

14. Program counter (PC) register is an integral part of: [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Hard Disk

b) RAM

c) Cache memory

d) CPU

Ans. d

15. The set of wires, connecting the microprocessor and the main memory, through which the data flows is called: [DRDO GTRE 2017]

a) Memory

b) Data wire

c) Database

d) Databus

Ans. d

16. Microsoft 10 was launched in the year _____. [DRDO GTRE 2017]

a) 2013                 

b) 2014

c) 2016                 

d) 2015

Ans. d

17. Which of the following is true for testing and debugging? [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Testing checks for logical errors in the programs, while debugging is a process of correcting those errors in the program.

b) Testing and debugging indicate the same thing.

c) Testing detects the syntax errors in the program while debugging corrects those errors in the program.

d) All of the above

Ans. a

18. Computer systems that store instructions and data without any differences and data from the same memory unit are based on _____ structure. [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Harvard

b) Babbage

c) Knuth

d) Von-Neumann

Ans. d

19. In the screen is maximized, then the maximize button will be temporarily replaced by the _____ button. [DRDO GTRE 2017]

a) Close

b) Open

c) Re-store

d) Minimize

Ans. c

20. What is the keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab in the Google chrome web browser for windows? [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Alt + N

b) Ctrl + T

c) Alt + Ctrl + T

d) Alt + T

Ans. b

21. For which one of the following ultraviolet light is used to erase the stored contents? [DRDO 2008]




d) PLA

Ans. b

22. In 8085 microprocessor, the accumulator is a – [DRDO 2008]

a) 4 bit register

b) 8 bit register

c) 16 bit register

d) 32 bit register

Ans. b

23. Which of the following memory has highest access speed? [DRDO CVRDE 2017]

a) Hard Disk

b) RAM

c) ROM

d) Cache Memory

Ans. d

24. Which of the following is not a ‘over write’ virus ? [RRB Ranchi Asst. Loco Pilot]

a) Trj. Reboot

b) Meve

c) Way

d) Trivial.88.D

Ans. b

25. Which of the following are machine level languages? [ISRO Satelite Centre Bengaluru]

a) C++

b) Java

c) Python

d) None of these

Ans. d

26. Which of the following function(s) is/are provided by operating system? [RRB Ranchi Asst. Loco Pilot]

a) Process management

b) Security Management

c) File management

d) All of these

Ans. d

27. ____ was the first computer language developed for electronic computer in 1949? [RRB Ajmer Asst. Loco Pilot]

a) Short code



d) Pascal

Ans. a

28. How many layers are there in TCP/IP Model? [Indian Ordnance Factory]

a) 2

b) 4

c) 5

d) 7

Ans. b

29. Program that duplicate the functionality of one system on another system is known as  [RRB Chandigarh Asst. Loco Pilot]

a) Emulators

b) Simulators

c) Evaluators

d) PCB

Ans. a

30. Which of the following is an application protocol? [RRB Ahamadabad Asst. Loco Pilot]


b) TCP

c) IP

d) UDP

Ans. a

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