ITI Employability skills English Literacy MCQ [PDF] 70 New MCQs

ITI Employability skills English Literacy MCQ. These are New ES Chapter 1 Questions and answers provided by DGT in 2022. Helpful for 2023 Exam paper preparation. You can download all questions PDF free.

ITI Employability skills English Literacy MCQ

1. The dog took Ramesh’s shoes before _____ ran away.

a) it

b) they

c) because

d) and

Ans. a

2. Rearrange the letters to find a kitchen appliance.

a) toves

b) stove

c) vesto

d) voste

Ans. b

3. Which is the correct meaning for the word ‘pole’?

a) North or South ends or earth’s axis

b) a long metal or piece of wood

c) both options A &  B

d) None of these

Ans. c

4. To convert a ‘singular’ noun to ‘plural’ noun which of the following rules cannot be applied?

a) Noun + ez

b) Noun +s

c) Noun + es

d) Noun + ies

Ans. a

5. The plural of the word furniture is ______

a) furnitures

b) furnituries

c) furniture

d) furniture

Ans. d

6. Rio bought a screw driver for his friend and two _____ for himself.

a) screw driver           

b) screw drivers

c) screw driveries      

d) screw driverz

Ans. b

7. Fill the right action word in the sentence below –

The plumber _____  water pipes.

a) repair

b) repairs

c) is repair

d) are repairs

Ans. b

8. Use the correct action word in the sentence below –

I ______ football every evening with my friends.

a) play

b) like

c) write

d) love

Ans. a

9. Complete the sentence with the correct action word –

The cup ______ when it fell off the table.

a) broke

b) fell

c) jumped

d) bounced

Ans. a

10.Which one of the following sentences tells you that an action is completed?

a) I break the chair

b) I was break the chair

c) I broke the chair

d) I am breaking the chair

Ans. c

11. Fill the blanks with the correct describing word.

This is a _____ hammer.

a) cross

b) speak

c) peen

d) cross peen

Ans. d

12. Fill in the blank with the word that describe quality.

I am a ______ person.

a) hard working         

b) left

c) talk                         

d) jump

Ans. a

13. Fill in the blank with the word that describe quality.

The cycle wheel is ______ in shape.

a) box

b) Chennai

c) round

d) triangle

Ans. c

14. Fill in the blank with the appropriate linking word.

You must sign out of your email account. Next close the browser tab and ____ switch off your computer.

a) finally

b) in the beginning

c) never

d) after a while

Ans. a

15. That was my pen. Where is _____?

a) pen

b) It

c) my

d) pens

Ans. b

16. Is that Krishna’s helmet?

a) Yes, it is he

b) Yes, it is him

c) Yes, it is his

d) Yes, it is that

Ans. c

17. Replace the underlined word with the correct pronoun from the given options

I know Virat Kholi.

I know _________.

a) he

b) her

c) his

d) him

Ans. d

18. Which punctuation mark should be used in the following sentence?

Is there any site engineer here

a) ? (Question mark)  

b) , (comma)

c) . (full stop)              

d) ! (exclamation)

Ans. a

19. Which of the following is a sentence with the correct punctuation?

a) The box is full of nuts, bots, screws and nails.

b) The box is full of nuts bolts, screws and nails

c) The box is full of nuts bolts screws and nails?

d) The box is full of nuts; bolts; screws and nails!

Ans. a

20. State the kind of sentence.

a) Keep the tools in good condition

a) Declarative

b) Interrogative

c) Imperative

d) Exclamatory

Ans. c

21. Rearrange the words to form a question.

Kind of/ what/ is this/ machine?

a) Kind of machine what is this?

b) What kind of machine is this?

c) What kind machine is this of?

d) Machine is what kind of?

Ans. b

22. Rearrange the jumbled words to form a meaningful sentence.

As supervisor/ in BHEL/ worked/ peter

a) As supervisor in BHEL worked Peter.

b) In BHEL worked Peter as supervisor.

c) Peter worked as supervisor in BHEL.

d) Supervisor as BHEL in Peter.

Ans. c

23. Rearrange the words to form a sentence –

Small pieces/ into/ cut/ the onions

a) Cut the onions into small pieces.

b) small pieces into cut the onions.

c) Cut onions into the small pieces.

d) Small pieces cut the onions into.

Ans. a

24. The sentence, “Please help me finish this” can be used to ______

a) mark a request      

b) None

c) giving opinion        

d) sharing information

Ans. a

25. Formal greetings are used when _____

a) meeting someone new or older in age

b) meeting higher officials

c) business meetings

d) All of the above

Ans. d

26. To whom can you say this sentence?

Hey, It’s been long time since we met.

a) Supervisors            

b) Friend         

c) Strangers                

d) The ITI Principal

Ans. b

27. When I introduce myself, it ______

a) helps us to know about ourself

b) helps other to know about friends

c) helps other to know about me

d) helps myself know about others

Ans. c

28. Which of the following expressions can be used to make requests?

a) I hope         

b) I believe     

c) Please         

d) Maybe

Ans. c

29. The phrase, “Could you please tell me about…” is used to ….

a) Thank someone

b) Introduce someone

c) Ask for information

d) Give information

Ans. c

30. What will the response to this question be, “How was class today?”

a) It was fine, We learned many new things.

b) Oh, I see.

c) Is it so?

d) Thank you

Ans. a

31. What is the correct question to ask to get this response?

“It is 2 km from the railway station”

a) Where is railway station?

b) How far is the ITI from the railway station?

c) When is the train coming?

d) How are you going to the ITI?

Ans. b

32. When someone says ‘Thank you’ we should reply and say ______.

a) Thank you  

b) You’re welcome

c) Bye-Bye      

d) How are you?

Ans. b

33. Which of these phrases will you use to give opinion?

a) It is about…

b) Can you…?

c) Tell me about ….

d) I think …

Ans. d

34. Which of these is a form of non-verbal communication?

a) Talking to colleagues.

b) Facial expressions

c) Talking over phone

d) Talking to colleagues

Ans. b

35. Which expressions will you choose to address your boss in an email?

a) Hey Manickam

b) Dear Manichkam

d) Dear sir

d) None

Ans. c

36. I join metal parts together. I am a ______

a) fitter

b) welder

c) plumber

d) machinist

Ans. b

37. Choose a correct reply to the given question: What do you do?

a) It is at Kumaran Nagar, Chennai.

b) I am a desktop publisher at ABC Software Solutions

c) I go by train

d) None

Ans. b

38. The expression, “To sum up..” is used to ______.

a) end a discussion     

b) initiate a discussion

c) Ask for an opinion  

d) Ask a doubt

Ans. a

39. Which expression would you choose to agree with someone?

a) In my experience…            

b) You’re absolutely right

c) It is considered..                 

d) Yes, but…

Ans. b

40. Vimla was leaning against the wall during the group discussion.

Which aspect of discussion did she miss?

a) impressive beginning        

b) correct posture

c) smile                                  

d) loud and dominating voice

Ans. b

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