ITI Employability skills IT Literacy Question Bank [PDF] 2023

ITI Employability skills IT Literacy Question bank 2023 with PDF for 1st year students. 65 Most important Computer MCQs with PDF for ES Exam paper preparation. All the questions collected from Bharat skills website.

ITI Employability skills IT Literacy Question Bank

1. Which among the following is not an output device?

a) Monitor

b) Speaker

c) Projector

d) Mouse

Ans. d

2. Arrange the following in a sequence for connecting a phone to the computer.

a. Locate the phone folder on the computer and transfer the files.

b. Turn both your phone and computer on

c. Connect USB wire to your phone and the computer.

a) a, b, c

b) c, a, b

c) a, c, b

d) b, c, a

Ans. d

3. The _______ serves as an interface between the computer and the user.

a) Monitor

b) Operating system

c) Output device

d) Hardware

Ans. b

4. _______ is a storage device which is used in mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.

a) Memory Card

b) Hard disk

c) ROM

d) Optical Disc

Ans. a

5. _______ is the default extension of MS word files.

a) .dc

b) .dec

c) .docx

d) .msdoc

Ans. c

6. Which shortcut is used to open an existing of MS word files.

a) Ctrl + N      

b) Alt + O        

c) Alt + Existing          

d) Ctrl + O

Ans. d

7. Arranging words or creating different styles of word on MS Word is called as _____.

a) Coloring     

b) Modifying  

c) Editing        

d) Formatting

Ans. d

8. In MS word to select the whole file which shortcut combination is used?

a) Ctrl + A

b) Ctrl + @

c) Ctrl + L

d) Ctrl + D

Ans. a

9. Which among of the following is not a command of formatting toolbar?

a) Bold

b) Italic

c) Font Colour

d) Cut

Ans. d

10. _______ tab is used to insert charts, graphs, images and page number into a word file.

a) Standard tab

b) Formatting tab

c) Insert tab

d) Review pane

Ans. c

11. ______ lets the user to type uppercase letters or characters when used in combination with another.

a) Shift

b) Backspace

c) Delete

d) Tab

Ans. a

12. _______ indicates where one can enter text on the page.

a) Arrow

b) Cursor

c) Hyphen

d) Hyperlink

Ans. b

13. _______is an user-friendly software used to create leave letters, letters of application for jobs, resumes.

a) MS Excel    

b) Notepad

c) WordPad    

d) MS Word

Ans. d

14. Which shortcut key is used to underline the main headings of your resume?

a) Ctrl + U

b) Ctrl + B

c) Ctrl + L

d) Ctrl + X

Ans. a

15. Which function key allows you to rename a file?

a) F1

b) F2

c) F3

d) F4

Ans. b

16. Find the missing word in the sequence,

a. Click on Home Tab

b. Select ______ group

c. Select Left Alignment

a) Font

b) Clipboard

c) Paragraph

d) Styles

Ans. c

17. Which among the following is not a component of MS Excel worksheet?

a) Column

b) Row

c) Formula Bar

d) Paint Bar

Ans. d

18. ______ contains one or more worksheets.

a) Workbook

b) Workfile

c) Address bar

d) Document

Ans. a

19. Cell Address is a combination of _____ and ____ of the cell.

a) Row name and Column Number

b) Row and Column width

c) Column Number and Row Height

d) Column Name and Row Number

Ans. d

20. Which shortcut combination prints the excel sheet?

a) Ctrl + Shift + Print Scr

b) Ctrl + P

c) Alt + P

d) Tab + P

Ans. b

21. _____ option allows the user to check how the worksheet looks when printed.

a) Outlook      

b) Demo         

c) Preview      

d) Print sheet

Ans. c

22. MS Excel workbooks by default are saved with _____ extension.

a) .xlsx

b) .xl

c) .excel

d) .msel

Ans. a

23. To cut and paste content of a cell to another cell which shortcut combination is used?

a) Ctrl + C & Ctrl P

b) Ctrl + X & Ctrl +  V

c) Alt + C & Alt + V

d) Ctrl + C & Ctrl + P

Ans. b

24. _____ is a worldwide system of computer networks.

a) Communication

b) Broadband

c) Internet

d) Social Media

Ans. c

25. A wireless technology that connects a laptop to the internet is called _____.

a) Bluetooth

b) WiFi

c) Source Network

d) Desktop

Ans. b

26. Which among the following is not an internet browser?

a) Google Chrome     

b) Mozilla Firefox

c) Internet Explorer   

d) Data Channel

Ans. d

27. _______ will scan through thousands of websites and webpages on the internet that collects and displays the most relevant information.

a) Search Engine

b) Engine

c) Search tab

d) Software

Ans. a

28. ________ are words that help us find what we are looking for on the Internet.

a) Alphabets

b) Keywords

c) Browser

d) Names

Ans. b

29. Which among the following should be followed while setting up a new password?

a) Password should be your name

b) Password should be your phone number

c) Password must have only 5-6 letters

d) Password should be a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols

Ans. d

30. In Windows, you can lock your computer by pressing ______ combination keys.

a) Lock + Prt Scr

b) Delete + Shift

c) Ctrl + Shift + Del

d) Space bar + Alt + F4

Ans. c

31. ______ deletes spyware programmes installed on your computer and can prevent them from getting installed.

a) Antispyware

b) Virus

c) Software

d) Passwords

Ans. a

32. Which action should be avoided during online transactions?

a) Using strong password

b) Clearing Browsing history

c) Sharing Personal information

d) Using only secured sites

Ans. c

33. A website is secure if it has https as its prefix and a locked _____ symbol.

a) Speaker

b) Padlock

c) Equal

d) Star

Ans. b

34. _______ is an electronic message transmitted over internet.

a) Message

b) Chatbox

c) E-Mail

d) Webpage

Ans. c

35. ______ is the mailing service run by Microsoft.

a) G-Mail

b) Yahoo

c) Hotmail

d) Outlook

Ans. d

36. In an E-Mail _____ shows the topic of the message.

a) Attachments

b) Subject

c) BCC

d) CC

Ans. b

37. Which among the following allows the recipient to see all the copied email contacts?

a) BCC

b) FCC

c) CC

d) From

Ans. c

38. ______ is a type of file, such as a photo or document that you can send along with your email.

a) Virus           

b) Attachment

c) Copy                       

d) Recipient desk

Ans. b

39. While sending an Email to attach a photo or document, which symbol need to be clicked?

a) Equal to      

b) Smiley

c) Stapler        

d) Paper Clip

Ans. d

40. The _____ folder holds emails that people have sent to you.

a) Outbox

b) Inbox

c) Message

d) Trash

Ans. b

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