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ITI Steno English Question PDF Download. Stenographer Most important MCQ Questions and answers for CTS Online CBT Theory Exam paper Preparation. All these MCQs collected from previous year Question Papers and NIMI Question Bank.

ITI Steno English Question

1 : What is a computer in simple term?

A : A calculating machine                         

B : An electronic digital device

C : An electronic typing machine

D : An electronic hardware

Ans. b

2 : Who invented the first computer?

A : Thomas Alva Edison                

B : Bill Gate              

C : Charles Babbage          

D : Microsoft

Ans. c

3 : Who created first programmable computer?

A : Charles Babbage          

B : German KonradZuse

C : Albert Einstein               

D : Benjamin Franklin

Ans. b

4 : How a personal computer(PC) is designed?

A : Can use many people at a time          

B : Can use only one person

C : Only Government offices                    

D : Only one person at a time

Ans. d

5 : What was the name given to the first computer?

A : Slide rule            

B : Difference engine        

C : ENIAC     

D : Calculator

Ans. b

6 : Who is called father of modern computers?

A : John Napier       

B : Edmund Gunter                        

C : Blaise Pascal     

D : Charles Babbage

Ans. d

7 : How difference engine provided its output?

A : Through printer                        

B : Through scanner          

C : Through photocopier               

D : Through USB device

Ans. a

8 : Who introduced the personal computer (PC) for home and office use?

A : Microsoft             

B : Apple       

C : IBM          

D : Dell

Ans. c

9 : Which type of computers used in banks to store and retrieve core banking transactions?

A : Mobile phones               

B : Centralized server computers

C : Tablet computers          

D : Micro-computers

Ans. b

10 : What are the physical components of a computer?

A : Monitor, Keyboard, MS word                           

B : Mouse, Printer, keyboard

C : Monitor, Motherboard, system software        

D : Keyboard, Mouse, MS office

Ans. b

11 : What is the name given to the physical components of a computer collectively?

A : Software             

B : Hardware            

C : Malware              

D : Junk ware

Ans. b

12 : Which component makes a computer to work through commands?

A : Software

B : Hardware            

C : Malware              

D : Junk ware

Ans. a

13 : What is the common name of a group of component physically available and can be seen in a computer?

A : Software             

B : Malware              

C : Hardware            

D : Junk ware

Ans. c

14 : What category the Keyboard, mouse, scanner, stylus, light pen, etc are classified?

A : Input unit            

B : Central processing unit                       

C : Output unit                     

D : Processing unit

Ans. a

15 : What is the name of the unit which stores data in computer?

A : Program              

B : Software             

C : Hardware            

D : Memory

Ans. d

16 : Where the processing work of a computer takes place?

A : Input unit                        

B : Central Processing Unit (CPU)          

C : Output unit         

D : Inbuilt software

Ans. b

17 : Which one is the primary memory in computer?

A : Hard disk            

B : Mother board     

C : Ram         

D : Rom

Ans. c

18 : What is called secondary memory or storage in computer system?

A : Central Processing Unit          

B : Hard Disk           

C : System software                        

D : Application software

Ans. b

19 : What is called a single user computer system having moderately powerful microprocessor?

A : Workstation        

B : Personal Computer (PC)         

C : Mini computer    

D : Super computer

Ans. b

20 : What is the name of the monitor which can be used as an input device?

A : CRT Monitor       

B : Touch screen monitor  

C : LCD Monitor      

D : LED monitor

Ans. b

21 : Which are some important output devices?

A : Keyboard and cables               

B : Printer and Monitor       

C : Speaker and Mic                       

D : Mouse and cables

Ans. b

22 : What is the primary unit to enter text to computer?

A : Keyboard            

B : Mouse     

C : Mic           

D : Digital Camera

Ans. a

23 : Which category the Monitor, printer, plotter, etc. classified?

A : Input category    

B : Central processing category   

C : Output category

D : Control category

Ans. c

24 : What is the name of a printer that work by banging a head or needle against an ink ribbon to make a mark on paper?

A : Laser printer       

B : Inkjet printer       

C : Colour printer    

D : Impact Printer

Ans. d

25 : Which type of monitors has less negative environmental impact when disposed?

A : LCD Monitor       

B : LED Monitor       

C : CRT Monitor      

D : Touch screen

Ans. b

26 : What is the storage capacity of a DVD?

A : 700 KB    

B : 700 MB   

C : 4.7 GB     

D : 2 – 512 GB

Ans. c

27 : What is called the brain of the computer?

A : System software            

B : Application software     

C : Hard disk                        

D : Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Ans. d

28 : Which component holds temporary storage for data and programs that are accessed by CPU?

A : RAM (Random Access Memory)        

B : ROM ( Read Only Memory)

C : Hard Disk                                               

D : Mother board

Ans. a

29 : What is the solution for enhanced system performance?

A : Increase ROM                            

B : Increase storage capacity of Hard disk

C : Use more capacity RAM          

D : Add additional Mother board

Ans. c

30 : How many bit make a Byte?

A : 1024 KB              

B : 8 bit          

C : 1024 MB             

D : 1024 GB

Ans. b

31 : What is the name of the component contains slots for fixing/ connecting processor, main memory (RAM), hard disk, CD/DVD drive, etc.,?

A : Mother board      

B : Bread board       

C : Key board           

D : Dash board

Ans. a

32 : Which software act as a middle layer between hardware and user applications?

A : Application software     

B : Database software        

C : System software            

D : Common utility program

Ans. c

33 : What is the name of the wireless mouse?

A : Digital mouse                             

B : Optical mouse   

C : Conventional mouse               

D : Advanced mouse

Ans. b

34 : Which hardware component controls the cursor on screen?

A : Keyboard            

B : Mouse     

C : Speed     

D : Function

Ans. b

35 : Hard disk is measured by its?

A : Weight                 

B : Capacity to store data   

C : Cost         

D : Size

Ans. b

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