PSA oxygen plant MCQ Questions [PDF]

PSA oxygen plant MCQ questions with answers. Topics wise important NIMI Question Bank for the ITI assessment of CTS trainees and for mock test preparation. PSA Oxygen Generation Plant questions and answers.

PSA Oxygen Plant MCQ Questions

1. For Producing medical Oxygen in gaseous form

a) Cryogenic Technology

b) PSA Adsorption Technology

c) PSA Absorption Technology

d) None of these

Ans. b

2. 99% and above purity of Oxygen is produced by

a) Cryogenic Technology

b) PSA Adsorption Technology

c) PSA Absorption Technology

d) None of these

Ans. a

3. For producing Maximum 10 Liter per minute (LPM) gaseous oxygen

a) Cryogenic Technology

b) PSA Adsorption Technology

c) Portable oxygen concentrators

d) None of these

Ans. c

4. Which is the important gas used by human beings for breathing?

a) Nitrogen

b) Carbon dioxide

c) Oxygen

d) Carbon monoxide

Ans. c

5. To remove oil traces from compressed air _______ is used

a) carbon filter

b) bacteria filter

c) Coalescing filter

d) 100 mesh screen

Ans. a

6. All pressuring vessels/tanks in PSA oxygen gas plant are provided with ______ at the top.

a) safety valve

b) Relief valve

c) Pressuring reducing valve

d) Rupturing disk

Ans. b

7. For measuring the % purity of product oxygen gas ______ is used.

a) pressure transmitter

b) Temperature Transmitter

c) Gas Analyser

d) Pressure Regulator

Ans. c

8. Adsorption of Nitrogen takes place in PSA Oxygen Generator takes place

a) High Pressure

b) Low Pressure

c) low temperature

d) High Temperature

Ans. a

9. The fire triangle does not include

a) Oxygen

b) Fuel

c) Temperature

d) Heat

Ans. c

10. Most of the industrial accidents are

a) Unavoidable

b) Not preventable

c) Preventable

d) None of the above

Ans. c

11. Air and oxygen leakage in PSA plant and connecting pipelines are checked by

a) soap solution

b) hand sanitizer

c) By flame test

d) None of the above

Ans. a

12. Oxygen is produce in the following equipment of PSA Plant?

a) Screw Compressor

b) Refrigerated dehumidified Air Dryer

c) Adsorption Twin Towers

d) Filter units

Ans. c

13. ON-OFF valve used in PSA Oxygen Plant’s pipeline is

a) Globe valve

b) Needle valve

c) Ball valve

d) Spring loaded safety valve

Ans. c

14. Colour code for medical Oxygen gas cylinder in India is

a) Gray body with black and white valve end

b) Full red

c) Black body with white valve end

d) Full gray

Ans. c

15. Before refilling oxygen cylinders, the medical oxygen gas pressure in increase to 200 PSI by

a) Air compressor

b) Booster Compressor

c) Booster pump

d) Blower

Ans. b

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